Shades Of Green

At last year’s Comic-Con I picked up an exclusive Masters of the Universe figure of King Grayskull and a Peter Parker with Spider-Sense face Mighty Mugg. This year I might just pick up one of these puppies. Tying into DC’s x-over event, Blackest Night this Green Lantern box set includes Hal Jordan in his usual duds, as well as a member of the Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow Corps. The limited figures will be available at the Graphitti Designs booth at the Con, with one coloured figure being made available on different days.

Blackest Night Comic-Con 09 Figures

Jackket Knightmare #2 Review

Jackket Knightmare #2I met self-taught artist Cassandra Reyes through and her first issue of Jackket Knightmare caught my eye, and it wasn’t because of the unusual spelling of the title. Wearing her influences on her sleeve, such as The Crow and everybody’s second favourite X-Man Gambit, she crafted a mature tale about justice and redemption. It was obvious that the first issue was the product of a new creator however, with certain elements being understandably unrefined. However, what a difference this follow up issue is. It’s a remarkable improvement.

This 28 page second issue is black and white and follows Tomas J. Caballero, a man once abused as a child, and the trenchcoat avenger of the title. The link between the men won’t be a complete surprise but it does work splendidly. Their respective missions are at the core of the series, and  in this issue, sub-titled Healing Rains, Tomas learns that his late father’s vacant position as church pastor has been decided, due to a seemingly crafty council.

Knightmare stares down what appears to be a demon possessed man and has a close shave with the cops, which can only land him in hot water next issue. Reyes takes a few bold artistic steps here and it pays off. Drawing people from overhead, as well as a couple kissing are hard to render properly, but she ably does so. The story is a lot easier to follow and the page designs are much more creative. There’s also a short back-up feature called Rival Relic Hunters that isn’t as unique as Knightmare with a distinctive manga flavour, but it’s not the highlight of the issue.

Reyes’ hard work is paying off though. It’s always a treat to see an indie creator start to hit their stride and to see their dedicated efforts begin to bear fruit. The issue can be pre-ordered from Reyes’  Velvet Nightmare Studios here.

Extra Sequential Dominates-Not Really

Well, this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Our first two issues of Extra Sequential appeared on Scribd’s Hot List recently thanks to our growing popularity. We’re also doing pretty well on Issuu, with just under 57 000 page views. It’s remarkable what you can find on the net for free. Issuu and Scribd are great websites for those who want to show their wares off, in mag, book or arty journal form. Once you’ve created a PDF, whack it on-line for the world to see, and it magically transforms into a document with nifty turning pages, full screen views and more. It’s all rather easy.

Our third issue of ES  is dangerously close to being complete, and features interviews with novelist Robin Parrish, Brain Cronin from on his new book on Comic Book Urban Legends, as well as an interview with Wolfgang Bylsma from indie Perth publisher Gestalt. Of course, there’s heaps of eye candy inside too and a very special announcement from yours truly about the future of Extra Sequential. (It’s good news.)


Batman: Brave and The Bold Is Awesome

I’ve been meaning to say this for a few weeks now, so here it is; Batman: Brave and The Bold is awesome. It makes me laugh more than watching The Office, and since the majority of the laughs come from insider jokes for those with deep DC knowledge, it makes me feel smugly proud. It’s kinda like The Simpsons, (or at least the first ten good seasons) in that on the surface it looks like a kids show, but thanks to the crafty writing it’s as multi-layered as a lasagna. My morning routine since the cartoon debuted has been to wake up at 9:30 am (just like in my lazy art school days) allowing me just enough time for a quick shower before it starts. I then mute Channel 9 in between some new Shaggy and Scooby Doo toon and the annoying hosts unfunny “banter” and wait for the goodness to wash over me. Each episode starts with a brief team up before the credits, and with the main story a different partner for Bats shows up, whether it be Plastic Man, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Huntress, etc.

This week started with Batman and Ace the Bat-Hound fighting Catman and a Sumatran tiger. Need I explain why this show is awesome?! The main story featured Bat-Mite and was written by Paul Dini. It featured more in-jokes than the cubicles at Comic-Con. I mean, where else will you see Bats fighting mutant Easter bunnies, and bikie Santas, or being zapped into all his various costumes? I had my doubts that this show would appeal to me when I first saw the pics at last year’s Comic-Con, but I’ve been convinced of its entertainment powers. The team behind B: B&B are unashamed geeks. I love it when the fanboys are in charge. Watch this show.