God Is Disappointed In You Review

Don’t be put off by the title. This new novel from Top Shelf is actually rather funny and genuine.

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Kingstone Media and Jackket Knightmare

It’s always encouraging to see a new publisher appear in the pages of the monthly Previews comics catalogue. You can find 6 new comics from Kingstone on pages 319-320 in the current Previews. Kingstone is a Christian publisher and what I’ve seen of their diverse offerings has impressed me, so I recommend checking them out. They have OGNs based on Bible stories and historical figures, as well as sci-fi stories such as 2048 and dramas like Echoes of Eden.



Another Christian (self) publisher I’ve been meaning to mention for ages is American creator C. Souba Reyes and her work on the Jackket Nightmare series which follows a trenchoat clad avenger. It’s been great to see how her work has progressed in leaps and bounds in the 3 issues released thus far, which you can find here.

Merry Christmas

This has been a good year.

The Extra Sequential podcast is going strong, 2 years later. Wow.

Friday was my last day at my job of over 4 years, thanks to a redundancy that has been in play for quite some time. It was sad to farewell my friends, but I’m also excited for the unknown future.

I also joined a great new church after moving house at the start of the year and have been honoured to write snippets for the weekly bulletin for the last few weeks. Here’s what I wrote for Christmas:

Every birth is a joyous occasion as it grows the family. At Christmas we celebrate history’s most important birth as God’s plan for eternal salvation through His Son began. Jesus declared in John 12 that He, “will draw all men to myself.”

Christ’s birth heralded a new way for humanity to know and love God. Christmas Day may be an important part of our calendar, but really, it’s just another day. We shouldn’t need a reminder of God’s glorious offer of salvation, and the miracle of Christ’s birth. We should be aware of Him, and thankful for all He’s done for us, and will continue to do, every day of our lives.

Christmas is the most obvious display of celebration for what God has done, but how do we celebrate that daily? Psalm 103:2 asks us to, ”not forget all his benefits.” Let’s remember His goodness, on Christmas Day, and everyday.

And to go with that, here’s an exquisite page from Billy Tucci’s recently released A Child is Born comic.


Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born Review

This gorgeous new one-shot from Billy Tucci (Shi, Sgt Rock) and publisher Apostle Arts is a great Christmas read.

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Atomic Robo and Billy Tucci

Red 5’s Atomic Robo: The Ghost of Station X #2 is out now and as usual is an all-ages fun fest. Check out my review right here.

Also at Broken Frontier is an exclusive preview of Billy Tucci’s (Shi, Sgt Rock: The Lost Batallion) much anticipated Christmas one-shot, A Child is Born. It’s released on November 23.