Changing Ways Launch

If you’re a West Australian like me, then this launch of Gestalt’s Changing Ways OGN by writer/artist Justin Randall will be of interest. I may even be there myself, but don’t let that stop you from going.

Changing Ways
Graphic Novel Launch



Gestalt Publishing and Curtin University invite you to the launch of Justin Randall’s Changing Ways graphic novel.
Celebrate the publication of the book that has been called “the most important step forward in Australian comics” with Writer/Artist Justin Randall and Editor Wolfgang Bylsma.

The launch speech will be delivered by Associate Professor Donal Fitzpatrick, Head of the School of Design & Art (SODA).

Justin will be discussing his vision and creative process and, of course, signing books! Artwork from Changing Ways Book 1 (and a sneak peek at pages from Book 2) will be projected onto the gallery walls!


The John Curtin Gallery
Building 200, Curtin University
Kent Street, Bentley WA
Australia [Map]

Okko: The Cycle of Air #3 Preview

Inspired by my podcast co-host Mladen’s love of non-American comics, I present to you, courtesy of Archaia an elegant preview of this week’s issue of Okko.

Retail Price: $3.95 U.S.
Page Count: 32 pages
Format: 6.875” x 10.25”, full color
On-sale Date: September 29, 2010
Written, illustrated and cover by Hub

Left for dead after a terrible duel, Okko lies abandoned in the countryside as the Celestial Winds rise and the season of kamikaze cocoons begins. His traveling companions have but one thought: to avenge their friend and master. But can they, even together, hope to defeat that killing machine, the dread demon hunter known as Kubban Kiritsu?

Teen + 13 (this series contains material suitable for (Teen Readers 13 and above)

Chaykin And Clones In Star Wars Mags

Two new press releases regarding Star Wars magazines below.


To mark the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, Titan’s December edition of Star Wars Insider magazine includes an exclusive limited edition collector’s cover and large size pull-out poster drawn by original Star Wars comic book artist, Howard Chaykin!

Chaykin, who drew the first limited-edition Star Wars poster in 1976, has now created a special Empire Strikes Back image exclusively for Star Wars Insider, the official magazine of the Star Wars saga. This limited edition collector’s cover of Insider is only available through comic stores and the large size pull-out poster comes free with the regular Insider newsstand edition.

This issue of Insider explores the making of the original Star Wars comic book by Chaykin and writer Roy Thomas and includes a never before published transcript of a meeting between George Lucas and Chaykin regarding the adaptation of Star Wars for a Marvel comic series.

Chaykin on the Star Wars characters:
“I feel that kid who plays Luke is a little soft in the face so I’m going to harden him up a little bit. He’s got a great cleft and that’s fine, but he looks like he’s 16. It’ll make him more heroic in the picture. Han Solo is perfect. He looks like I drew him. He looks my cliché mercenary hero. He looks like [classic comic book hero] Cody Starbuck. Chewbacca will be no problem. Same thing is true of Darth Vader…. He looks like a comic book character—Doctor Doom.“

The magazine also features interviews with the team behind The Clone Wars series, remarks from the Mark Hamill panel at Star Wars Celebration V and an Endor location guide. Plus, there’s much more must-have material for all Star Wars fans.

Retailers can order this special Star Wars Insider with exclusive Howard Chaykin cover and large size pull-out poster from October’s Diamond Previews. See Star Wars Insider “Featured Item” listing within the Books & Magazines section in Previews for more information.

Star Wars Insider #122
On-sale December 14, 2010

To subscribe to Star Wars Insider click here:

Star Wars Insider is also available to read in full on PC, Mac or iPad at, the world’s largest digital newsstand. To subscribe to the online version of Star Wars Insider click here:

Readers can keep up to date with more news and announcements from Star Wars Insider at the official Facebook page:

Star Wars : The Clone Wars  Magazine #1

Coming to newsstands and comic stores near you on October 5 is an all-new Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine bursting with action and adventure!

In the first awesome issue, find out all about your favorite characters and vehicles with in-depth profiles and re-visit some classic The Clone Wars moments with episode guides. There’s also a chance to win a bundle of fantastic Hasbro toys in the Issue 1 competition! Plus, if you’ve not had a chance to check out Sony Online Entertainment’s new Clone Wars Adventures virtual world, now’s the time as there’s a code for a one-month free trial in this issue! And the magazine is chock-full of games and puzzles that are all sure to entertain!

Each issue will also feature a mini The Clone Wars comic adventure, eight pages of pure action! Issue 1’s story is called The Droid Deception and finds Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi on a Geonosian shipyard in deep space. Will they succeed in denting Grievous’ ability to maintain his vast fleet, or are they walking into a Separatist trap? Find out only in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine #1!

Facebook Creator Gets A Bio Comic

Bluewater’s timely biographical comics have run the gamut from politicians to entertainers to anyone who’s in the pop culture spotlight. Mark Zuckerberg falls into the latter category, especially with David Fincher’s film on the founding of Facebook, The Social Network opening late next month. Here’s the press release on Zuckerberg’s comic book tale.


In December, Bluewater Productions is publishing a biographical comic book called “Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook”, a 48 page giant sized issue priced at $6.99. Written by Jerome Maida and penciled by Sal Field, with cover art by Michal Szyksznian, it will be available from comic book stores and online retailers.

Who is the real Mark Zuckerberg? The answer, of course, is somewhere in between and Bluewater Productions is announcing it is filling that gap and exploring the background of the website’s founder in the medium of comic books.

The young billionaire and creator and CEO of Facebook who announced recently that he is generously donating $100 million to public schools in Newark? Or the cold-blooded businessman who walks over people to get what he wants – the way he is portrayed in the critically acclaimed movie “The Social Network”.

“This is a fascinating story” says Maida. “I enjoyed researching it because it’s extremely compelling. Think about it. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire on the planet and created something that has already had a profound impact on the world. Yet hardly anyone knows much about him. It’s amazing.”

The road to success, Maida says, was not preordained nor was it always a smooth ride.

“Mark was offered loads of money at a young age and turned all his suitors down because deep down he knew he had higher goals than to work for someone else”, says Maida. “Bill Gates offered Mark a million dollars while Mark was still in high school to work for him and Mark turned it down. I mean, how many high school kids will ever be made an offer like that? Very few. And how many would have the confidence to turn it down and pursue their own path? Very few, if any. But that’s what Mark did.”

Of course, Mark wasn’t able to do everything on his own. He received help to various degrees and in different capacities from others. Many of these business relationships did not end well.

“Rightly or wrongly, Mark dealt harshly with some people on his way to where he is today”, says Maida. ” As we see, he left many people feeling betrayed. I try my best to be fair here. No one is totally innocent in this story. I try to represent each of the major players’ point of view.”

“Bluewater is looking to tell unique stories that are just not about celebrities”. Said publisher Darren G. Davis “The 1st biography one shot we are doing is about Father Yod and The Source Family and Mark Zukerberg will follow the next month. These books are not only good reading to get to know the subjects but are also being used as a tool in schools and libraries. ”

“Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook” will hit shelves in December but will be available to order at bookstores, comic stores or online at

For more information, visit Bluewater online at

Extra Sequential Episode Eight

The eighth episode of our podcast is now online. Myself and my co-host Mladen chat about Spider-Man bedsheets and all manner of comic book-ery goodness. Hear it below, download it here or find us on iTunes or Mixcloud.

2:18 NEWS

The big shake ups at DC Comics, the outrageous prices of floppies at Borders, the diverse list of possible directors for the upcoming Superman film and our opinion on the All Star Superman animated trailer. Also, Ghost Rider 2 and Fantastic Four Reborn.


First up – video games, including Halo Reach and Scott Pilgrim.

Thor #615. The first issue from the new creative team of Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry.

Peter Pan by Regis Loisel. A French, and mature, prequel to the classic tale.

Skullkickers #1. The sleeper hit from Image by Jim Zubkavich, Chris Stevens and Edwin Huang. Lethal Weapon via Lord of the Rings.

Gon, “the little dinosuar with the heart of coal,” by Masashi Tanaka.

41:41 Trade Swap

Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark. A one-shot Image story that is insane and entertaining.

EmiTown by Emi Lenox. A cute and largely amusing visual diary.


Kick Starter. If you have an arty idea and need funding, or would like to fund others’ ideas, this is the place for you.

Read Zuda First Issues For Free

Yes, Zuda may be closing down, at least for the moment, though the unpublished issues will see life under DC’s main umbrella at some point. If you want to see a few first issues from DC’s digital initiative however, go here. You can check out 10 premieres on Comixology including the Australian series Deadly, Dean Haspiel’s Street Code and more.

Sonny Liew Interview

My interview with the editor of the second Liquid City anthology is up now at Broken Frontier right here. Sonny Liew is the man behind Image’s anthology which is an original collection of short tales from talented Southeast Asian creators. While you’re there, check out BF’s latest issue of The Frontiersman magazine. It’s free and has features on Return of the Dapper Men, Green Lantern Guy Gardner and much more.

Stan Lee’s The Traveler #1 Preview

Legendary creator Stan Lee has a few new series coming out from BOOM! Studios, starting with The Traveler. Below is a preview, official info and some of the covers from the November releasing title.

STAN LEE’S THE TRAVELER #1, currently available for Comic Book Retailers to order from Diamond Comic Distributors and Haven Distributors, is written by Eisner and Harvey Award-nominee Mark Waid (KINGDOM COME, IRREDEEMABLE) with art by Chad Hardin (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and ships with seven covers, including A & B covers in a 50/50 split by Scott Clark and Chad Hardin respectively, a 1-in-25 incentive by Joe Benitez, 1-in-50 Undressed Scott Clark Variant, 1-in-75 Undressed Chad Hardin, 1-in-150 Undressed Joe Benitez Variant and a special 1-in-300 Stan Lee signed variant cover with all new cover art by Paul Rivoche. STAN LEE’S THE TRAVELER #1 carries a Diamond Code of SEP100889 and is shipping this November.

Chaos War: Chaos King #1 Preview

November sees artist Michael Kaluta return to comics, and he’s bringing Silver Surfer with him. Good news. Details and text-free preview below.

Your First Look At CHAOS WAR: CHAOS KING #1

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Chaos War: Chaos King #1, from writer Brandon Montclare and legendary artist Michael W.M. Kaluta! When Zenn-La, the homeworld of the Silver Surfer, is caught in the sights of the maniacal Chaos King, can the gods of Zenn-La prevent its destruction? Step inside the mind of a mad god as the Chaos King begins his onslaught to unmake the Marvel Universe. As an army of absolute evil advances towards Earth, could the salvation of trillions lie in the cosmic hero without a conscience — the Impossible Man?! The madness of Chaos War kicks into high gear this November in Chaos War: Chaos King #1!



Pencils & Cover by MICHAEL W.M. KALUTA

Rated T+ …$3.99

FOC – 10/22/10, On-Sale – 11/17/10

All Star Superman Animated Film Trailer

DC’s All Star line of comic books was intended to be their version of Marvel’s Ultimate series, ie, top creators approaching big name characters with a more accessible approach. The All Star line’s only two titles centered on Batman by Frank Miller and Jim Lee that was way over the top and became a joke. The other series was All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely who’ve worked on X-Men and JLA together. All Star Superman is widely praised and considered by a lot of critics as one of the Man of Steel’s best tales. I disagree. It’s filled with big ideas, but it’s not that special. As far as I’m concerned, the definitive Superman tale is 2001’s Action Comics #775 by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke.

The film will be released next year, as the latest in DC’s awesome animated film series, and follows Superman as he discovers his imminent death. The trailer looks very different from Quitely’s distinctive artwork from the 12 issue series and the voices of Supes (Frank Denton from Desperate Housewives) and Lex Luthor (Without a Trace’s Anthony LaPaglia) don’t seem to fit the characters. DC/Warner Bros. have a great strike rate with their animated films though, so I’ll reserve my judgement till next year.

Grant Morrison Doco Out on October 25

The documentary on writer Grant Morrison (who relaunched JLA, killed Batman, rejuvenated X-Men and much more) is now available for pre-order at Amazon. This should be one interesting film. The cover below is not the final version, but here’s the official lowdown.

Sequart Research & Literacy Organization (producer) is proud to announce that its first documentary, Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, is now available for pre-order on Amazon (Region 1 DVD).
Talking with Gods examines Morrison’s 30-year career and the real-life events that inspired his stories. Featuring extensive interviews with Morrison himself, the film delves into his early days growing up in Scotland, the start of his career in comics, the crazy years of the ’90s as his life and his comics became enmeshed, and his recent attempts to turn social darkness and personal troubles into compelling comics. The film also gives insight into his creative process, including a look into his vaunted idea notebooks. Complementing Morrison’s own words are interviews with many of his collaborators and colleagues, including Frank Quitely, Warren Ellis, Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, Mark Waid, Cameron Stewart, Douglas Rushkoff, Frazer Irving, Jill Thompson, Dan DiDio, and more.

Cursed Pirate Girl on Kickstarter

I was only vaguely aware of this series from creator Jeremy Bastian and Olympian Publishing. All I knew was that it was a critical darling and made with much care and detail. Then a friend at work today was looking at Kickstarter (a site where support and financial contributions are encouraged to see unique projects come to life) so I thought I’d share this. You can check out all the info and a video explaining the project here. Funding opportunities will close on October 14.

Here’s how the project is described:

Cursed Pirate Girl is the comic book tale of a salty little adventurer traveling in search of her lost father, one of the dreaded Pirate Captains of the mythical Omerta Seas. Rendered in a stunning pen and ink style the story begins in Port Elisabeth, Jamaica in the year 1728, and quickly heads across- and beneath- the waves.

“It’s all too rare that I see work that is truly original- and I almost never see work THIS original- Jeremy Bastian is a genius.”
Mike Mignola, Eisner Award winning creator of Hellboy

“A throwback to classic storytelling that any age can enjoy.”
-David Petersen, Eisner Award winning creator of Mouse Guard

The story is like the fairy tales we all grew up with- perfect for kids, but with bits that will make them shudder… If you’re an adult who likes Terry Gilliammovies, or movies like The Princess Bride, you’ll love this more than the kids do.

We’re now preparing to release the collected edition of Cursed Pirate Girl, just over 100 pages and representing three years of Jeremy’s dedication to telling her story. We’ve made a commitment to environmentally conscious printing in North America, and that means that the cost to manufacture our books is more than twice what it would cost if we were printing them overseas with mass produced materials.

To offset the costs of printing using all recycled materials and still be able to keep the collected edition competitive at $20 cover price, we’re putting together some packages that are only going to be offered this month, and only through Kickstarter. We’ll be using the same heavy papers, and we’ll also be stamping each and every copy of the book by hand to make each one unique. We hope that as Cursed Pirate Girl’s audience continues to grow, you’ll be happy that you have something that we believe is really special, and your Kickstarter edition will show that you were part of helping make this book happen.

We should also mention that there are some really special things in Cursed Pirate Girl’s future, including an audio version that we’re currently working on with some stars that you wouldn’t believe reading the characters, including MirrorMask star Stephanie Leonidas as Cursed Pirate Girl, comic legendsGrant Morrison and Dave McKean as the Swordfish Brothers, and the greatest UFC fighter of all time, Randy Couture, as the vile henchman Sharky.

New Avengers #5 Preview

Thanks to Marvel, here’s a text-free preview of next month’s ish of the relaunched Avengers title. Official description and perty pics below.

Your First Look At NEW AVENGERS #5!

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at New Avengers #5, from the superstar creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen! The Earth has been invaded by a near-limitless amount of extra dimensional demons and the very fiber of reality is tearing itself apart. With their options exhausted, one of the New Avengers must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the Marvel Universe. Don’t miss New Avengers #5!





Pencils & Cover by STUART IMMONEN

Vampire Variant by STEFANIE PERGER

Variant Cover by STUART IMMONEN

Rated A …$3.99

FOC – 9/23/10, On-Sale – 10/13/10

Pilot Season: 39 Minutes Review

Top Cow hit upon a grand idea when they unleashed Pilot Season in 2007. This year’s offerings are six new one-shots released in six weeks. A winner from that selection is chosen by readers’ votes, and then goes on to receive its own mini-series, so if you like what you read, vote for it so you can read more. Simple.

The latest in this year’s batch is 39 Minutes by writer William Harms (Impaler) with art by Jerry Lando. The Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire) cover sums up the events of the pages inside rather nicely – all greedy, tough guy attitude and the harsh events that surround it.

The title comes from the time limit that a group of ex-Army soldiers give themselves in their small town robberies. The story opens with 2 tough guys barging into a bank and instantly gunning down four people. My reaction was one of disbelief. Usually experienced robbers, and soldiers, would have a lot more subtlety than that, unless they’re in a Lethal Weapon film. However, I kept reading and I’m glad I did. When one of the masked shooters orders a bank worker to, “Make sure you explain how we’ve murdered all these people in cold blood. Tell them to send everyone,” I knew something unexpected was beginning to unfold.

Mirroring the main robbery story is one related to John Clayton, a bearded prisoner, whose own past is entwined with the well armed thieves. Reluctantly recruited by Special Agent Poole, he tells his tale of betrayal involving his tour in Iraq and a shootout between his men (the bank robbers) and a group of contractors.

Also in these rather action packed pages is an ageing sheriff’s stand against one of the robbers in a shopping centre and a conclusion, or possible continuation, that I had to read more than once to make sense of.

There’s aspects of Training Day, The A-Team and a few other blockbusters thrown in here, but it generally makes for a cohesive whole. Lando’s art is suitable, but not spectacular. It’s a bloody and profane book, but not in an over the top manner. To differentiate the team of robbers should’ve been a goal here, especially as they all have balaclavas on for most of the tale, but the limited nature of these one-shots means that characterisation will be restricted due to page space.

Of course, the very nature of the Pilot Season initiative can be somewhat of a catch 22. There must be just enough ideas to make it seem enticing as a story on its own and gather votes, but as the same time they can’t afford to be filled with dangling concepts that will go nowhere if the book doesn’t get a series. It’s actually a brave balancing act, but the Pilot Season books are generally pretty entertaining and it’s a wise strategy to make newbies feel comfortable in buying something away from all the spandex soap operas.

I would like to see 39 Minutes continue, as even this modest debut is packed with a feeling that there’s going to be a tense showdown and the body count will continue to rise. However, I also get the feeling that many will find that this offering isn’t strong enough by itself to justify a multitude of votes. If you’re doubtful after reading it though, I’ll leave you with the original solicitation, although the issue doesn’t exactly leave up to this tantalising description. Yet.

Robbing a bank is easy — it’s the getaway that’s hard. The bank’s surrounded by police officers, alarms are blaring, customers and employees are screaming, and the streets are blocked off. So what’s the solution?

Kill everyone in town.

Now that, I would like to read.