Ultimate Star Wars

This is why games are creeping up in Hollywood’s dominance over geeks incomes. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer On-line) game that allows you to choose the path of the Jedi (yay!) or Sith (boo!). The first two Knights of the Old Republic games were okay, but I prefer my FPSs rather than mid-battle strategizing. BiowWare is releasing the game sometime, and Dark Horse are providing a tie-in web comic called Threat of Peace. The game is only being released on Windows PCs which seems strange, and is set about 3, 700 years before the era depicted in the Star Wars films. Watch the awesome trailer below. Lightsabres and slow-mo – what a great combo.

Another great game, coming to consoles thankfully, is a sequel to 2006’s Ultimate Alliance. That was an action packed nerd fest with Marvel cameos galore, and the cut scenes were drool inducing. Like it’s predecessor, and the Old Republic games, players choices effect the game’s outcome. It follows the recent events in the Marvel comics, particularly Secret War and Civil War. The latter event set the stage for the current state of the Marvel Universe, thanks to the Super Hero Registration Act and players must choose between the Pro-Rego side led by Iron Man, and the Anti-Rego side led by Captain America.