Offworld Signing

Novelist Robin Parrish (The Dominion Trilogy) will be signing his brand spanking new book, entitled Offworld on Saturday, June 27. We have an interview with Robin in the next issue of Extra Sequential (yes, it’s coming). Offworld has a rather intriguing set-up, as described here;

Christopher Burke and his crew of NASA astronauts are the first human beings to walk on the surface of Mars. Their return to Earth was supposed to be a momentous day. But a surprise is waiting for them there that’s beyond imagining.

Safe after a treacherous landing in Florida, the crew emerges to find the unthinkable: every man, woman, child, and animal has vanished without a trace.

If you’d like to see Robin and grab your copy off the novel, details of the signing are below.

Saturday, June 27, 2009
3:00pm – 5:00pm
Barnes & Noble of High Point
906 Mall Loop Road
High Point, NC

You can also read the entire first chapter of the novel here.


Gotta admit – that’s a great cover.

Wednesday Comics In USA Today

DC Comics really seem to be pulling out all the stops lately. Well, not all the stops, but they’re definitely moving in the right direction. As announced on The Source, DC’s new blog USA Today will be publishing the Superman stories from their upcoming 12 part Wednesday Comics series, that has an impressive array of talent tackling diverse characters in its extra large pages. The first of the John Arcudi/Lee Bermejo strips will appear in the print edition of USA Today, while the rest will appear on its website. This is big news and will do more for mainstream exposure of comics than this week’s Captain America returns event did. The first issue of Wednesday Comics is released on July 8 and the USA Today release will be timed to coincide with all subsequent weekly releases in comic shops. With this news, plus The Source, and the two newer blogs for Vertigo and Wildstorm DC appear to be taking some great steps to making their presence felt. 

Wednesday Comics #1

DC’s September Stuff

DC’s solicitations, for new products arriving in September, are now up. I always tend to look to the more unique stuff first, such as the statues and action figures and such and then work my way up to comics and Trades.  Below are a few novelties that caught my eye. Not that I’d buy them, but they do look cool. You can see figures of Superman in his blue electricity power costume and Aquaman during his morose amputee phase. Ah, the 90s. How I love thee! There’s also the Joker and Harley Quinn figures from the Mad Love Collector Set and new anime inspired Batman and Robin figures, from the Ame-Comi series. Hopefully Grant Morrison doesn’t get any ideas! All these bad boys go on sale in February.

JLA Classified Superman Blue

JLA Classified Aquaman

Mad Love Box Set


Ame-Comi Batman

Ame-Comi Robin