December Mattel Goodies

Thanks to Matty you can now order these pieces of pop culture goodness, including the D-list DC characters B’Wanna Beast and Animal Man (as a Justice in the Jungle 2 pack), a 12″ General Zod from Superman II and a 12″ Egon Spengler Ghostbusters figure. The last two come with real cloth costumes and nifty accessories. Go here to see these figures and others including  Skeletor and a kiddy Hawkman.

Comic-Con 09 Exclusives

There’s always a dragon’s horde of goodies at Comic-Con, and this year promises to be no different. The list of exclusive toys, comics, posters, novelties and such like is up now. It’s a wonderful collection of stuff you can’t get anywhere else, including Dark Avengers Minimates, a pink Darth Vader helmet, a 12″ Baroness figure from the new G.I. Joe film, a Luke and Han as Stormtroopers combo, a Phantom designer action figure and a bronze statue of Marcus Fenix from the awesome game that is Gears of War. The exclusives list is being updated so make sure to check regularly. Of course, if you’re not going to the Con, then check e-Bay afterwards, or ask a nerdy friend that is going to grab something for you. Because nerds are nice.

Dark Avengers Minimates

Pink Darth Vader helmet

12" Baroness Figure

Luke and Han as Stormtroopers

Phantom Designer Figure

Bronze Marcus Fenix Statue

Shades Of Green

At last year’s Comic-Con I picked up an exclusive Masters of the Universe figure of King Grayskull and a Peter Parker with Spider-Sense face Mighty Mugg. This year I might just pick up one of these puppies. Tying into DC’s x-over event, Blackest Night this Green Lantern box set includes Hal Jordan in his usual duds, as well as a member of the Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow Corps. The limited figures will be available at the Graphitti Designs booth at the Con, with one coloured figure being made available on different days.

Blackest Night Comic-Con 09 Figures

DC’s September Stuff

DC’s solicitations, for new products arriving in September, are now up. I always tend to look to the more unique stuff first, such as the statues and action figures and such and then work my way up to comics and Trades.  Below are a few novelties that caught my eye. Not that I’d buy them, but they do look cool. You can see figures of Superman in his blue electricity power costume and Aquaman during his morose amputee phase. Ah, the 90s. How I love thee! There’s also the Joker and Harley Quinn figures from the Mad Love Collector Set and new anime inspired Batman and Robin figures, from the Ame-Comi series. Hopefully Grant Morrison doesn’t get any ideas! All these bad boys go on sale in February.

JLA Classified Superman Blue

JLA Classified Aquaman

Mad Love Box Set


Ame-Comi Batman

Ame-Comi Robin

Fury With Digital Comics

Get an exclusive, though tiny, Nick Fury figure when you subscribe for Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited service. Press release below.

MDCU_ExclusiveNickFury_02Join Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited And Receive An Exclusive Nick Fury Figure! 

Marvel is proud to announce that new and renewing subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited will receive an exclusive, all-new Hasbro Marvel Universe Nick Fury action figure! Inspired by his dramatic return in Secret Invasion, this all new figure features the kind of weaponry Fury needs to repel a Skrull invasion—or any other unlucky enemy crossing his path! Just sign up or renew a subscription and you can add Nick Fury to your collection of Marvel action figures!

“Hasbro is very excited to be teaming up with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for this exclusive giveaway,” said Billy Lagor, Senior Director of Hasbro’s Global Brand Strategy & Marketing, Marvel.   “We truly value and appreciate the connection that we have with our Marvel fans and hope that shows in our action figures.”

John Dokes, VP, Sales and Marketing, Digital Media Group added, “Hasbro’s wowed fans with their take on Marvel’s iconic characters and we’re sure new and returning subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics will be thrilled with this exclusive Nick Fury action figure.”

What’re you waiting for? Click over to right now to experience the groundbreaking Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and score an exclusive Hasbro Marvel Universe Nick Fury action figure!

Green Arrow Stuff

I just picked up Smallville Season 6 because it was cheap. I was never a fan of the show when it first began, with its boring baddies of the week premise, but as it started to expand its mythology and bring in more DC guest stars it piqued my interest. Once the rest of the seasons become cheap I’m sure I’ll pick them up too. It was great seeing actor Justin Hartley in the Neal Adams designed costume from the comics in an episode with a fancy dress party opener, and he does Oliver Queen justice, I gotta say. The doco on the history of the character is a nice feature too. And I saw a neato episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold this morning which featured a Bats and GA (in his classic outfit) team up. AND to top of the emerald archer goodness, here’s a pic from DC’s latest wave of Classic action figures.


Cool, huh? The others in the Mattel series are Deadshot, Black Canary, Black Adam,Mantis, Parademon, Wildcat and Classic Guardian and a build-a-figure Chemo. You can see all of them here.

Mighty Marvel Muggs

Who ever thought a biker with a flaming head, and a devourer of worlds could look so cute? I saw these in the display at Comic-Con and wanted every single one of them. Considering I’m mainly a DC devotee, that just goes to show you how adorable they are. These unique Mighty Muggs from Hasbro have limited articulation, and some come with character specific accessories. I picked up the Con exclusive Peter Parker/Spider-Man one and now it makes all the girls swoon. You can check out the larger range here of these arty interpretations, and sample some of my faves from the new wave below.

Just try and resist, I dare you, as you park your peepers on Captain America, Ghost Rider, Thor, Wolverine and Venom.

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