Superman Film Costume Pics

Here’s the first, good look at the costume on actor Henry Cavill from the currently filming Superman reboot. Yep, no red undies, some annoying texturing and some kinda interesting black edges. See more right here.

Cool Cities and Cars

Here’s a funky gallery of posters celebrating cities of a few superheroes, and ads from some of pop culture’s best cars. Go here to check out artist Justin Van Genderden’s site.

PowerCon Cereal Geek Mag Cover

What a mouthful that title is. Cereal Geek is a digital mag devoted to the wonderful ‘toons of the ’80s. Power-Con/ThunderCon is a new convention devoted to He-Man and ThunderCats. Below is the cover by comics artist Ed McGuiness as a special Con cover for the mag. Great stuff.

Jack Kirby Gallery

Jack “King” Kirby would’ve been 94 on Sunday. The legendary artist/writer/many other things contribution to comics can’t be summed up, so I’ll point you here to see an AWESOME gallery of some of his great work.

Batgirl #1 and Season One Previews

Confirming the presence of the events of The Killing Joke upon Barbara Gordon is this new 6 page preview from next month’s Batgirl #1, by Gail Simone and Adrian Syaf.


At FanExpo Canada Marvel showed the first interior (though unlettered) pages from their 4 Season One OGNs designed to retell origins for a new audience. See pages from Daredevil, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Spider-Man right here.

Super Powers Print

Honouring the great Super Powers cartoon and toy line from the ’80s is this new screen print from Mondo Tees and Sideshow Collectibles. It’s $100 and is limited to only 250 copies. More info here.


Guest Buffy Blogs

Over at the Dark Horse Blog they’ve just started a series of guest posts from Buffy sites to celebrate next month’s release of Buffy Season 9 #1. Read the first post from Buffyfest here.

Starting today we will be featuring Guest Blog posts by fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer here on our site. We are really excited about Buffy Season 9 comics arriving on Comic Shop shelves Sept. 14th and wanted to reach out to fans and get their thoughts about Season 9 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in general. Whedon fans are legion and probably some of the most generous and passionate we’ve ever encountered. We’re excited to share their enthusiasm for Buffy here on our Blog.
On a related note, artist Rebekah Isaacs will be doing a few signings at some New Hampshire comic shops for Angel & Faith #1 next week. Details here.