Irredeemably Cheap

In August you can grab the first 5 issues of the mega-awesome dark superhero tale, Irredeemable from BOOM! Studios for just $11 – American. Written by Mark Waid with art by Peter Krause, it really is a guilty pleasure. The TPB collecting the first four issues will be released on the same day as the new 5th issue, for only 99 cents. That’s an evil bargain!

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Wonton Fusion

Wonton Soup 2 from the delightful Oni Press is out now. For a huge preview, go here or for a mere random taste, see below. The 192 page black and white digest comes from the mind of ┬áJames Stokoe and follows intergalactic chef Johnny Boyo and his desire to become intergalactic trucker Johnny Boyo. Looks unique, as does Fusion #2, which is an entirely different broth. It’s a Top Cow/Marvel x-over with a gaggle of costumed characters such as the Mighty Avengers and Cyberforce. It’s written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with glossy art by Tyler Kirkham, and arrives next week.

Wonton Soup 2 p8

Wonton Soup 2 p14

Wonton Soup 2p17




Prototype Gamer

I bought Prototype this week. I rarely play my XBOX, let alone buy new games, yet this drew me in. It’s been much hyped, as has it’s PS3 competitor, inFamous, but deservedly so. Almost as soon as I put the disc in I was right in the thick of action, dispatching well armed military men with my lobster-like mutant claws. It serves splendidly as a tutorial and thankfully it’s pretty simple. The first problem I noticed however, is the rather annoying tendency for modern games to make the instructional text on the screen squint inducing. It’s tiny! Is the games industry trying to sell us all big screens perhaps? The game itself is made up of swift levels, with a lot of replay potential. I’ve only played it for less than an hour so far, and it’s tale of Alex Mercer (mutated man on the run attacking the government and searching for answers) isn’t exactly original, but it makes up for it with grin worthy tactics. Bowling over pedestrians while you run and jump down the city streets is fun. There’s elements of the parkour and freedom of movement found in the few good Spidey games, plus Mirror’s Edge, and the environment smashing/vehicle throwing, etc shenanigans of the excellent Hulk: Ultimate Destruction from a few years ago. Even the NPCs in the bustling metropolis seem unique. I had to run around for a while before I saw any duplicates. As I play more, hopefully I’ll enjoy it more. So far, it appears to be a game tailor made for fanboys.

On that note; Gamer. It’s a September releasing film starring 300’s Gerard Butler. Think Death Race, but with gaming avatars replacing mean machines. The plot seems to take pieces from every action blockbuster from the last 10 years. Trailer below.