My 800th Post!

Well actually the 800th post was yesterday, but now I’ve passed that impressive number. Now it may not sound like  a lot but it brings me joy to say it. Here’s some other numbers now that I’m in the mood for patting myself on the back.

9, 599 – total number the 3 issues of Extra Sequential have been read on Scribd

17, 438 – total number of ES subscribers on Scribd

69, 549 – total number of ES page views on Issuu

350 – number of U.S cents Arcana #1 (upcoming print version of ES) will cost

72 – number of days until Arcana #1 hits shelves. Oh, what a happy day that will be!

On a less self-congratulatory note, thanks to everyone who’s read, commented and liked my nerdy ramblings over the last 16 months. It’s all very much appreciated, and I have much more nerdiness to explore, dissect and promote in the future. Hope you stay!

Extra Sequential Dominates-Not Really

Well, this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Our first two issues of Extra Sequential appeared on Scribd’s Hot List recently thanks to our growing popularity. We’re also doing pretty well on Issuu, with just under 57 000 page views. It’s remarkable what you can find on the net for free. Issuu and Scribd are great websites for those who want to show their wares off, in mag, book or arty journal form. Once you’ve created a PDF, whack it on-line for the world to see, and it magically transforms into a document with nifty turning pages, full screen views and more. It’s all rather easy.

Our third issue of ES  is dangerously close to being complete, and features interviews with novelist Robin Parrish, Brain Cronin from on his new book on Comic Book Urban Legends, as well as an interview with Wolfgang Bylsma from indie Perth publisher Gestalt. Of course, there’s heaps of eye candy inside too and a very special announcement from yours truly about the future of Extra Sequential. (It’s good news.)


Oh Happy Day

es-flyer-page-1-copyI received two special deliveries this morning. One was for 500 A5 size flyers from the handy printer right next to work, for promos for the first issue of Extra Sequential, my new free on-line comics mag. They look good, I gotta say. Not that I can take any credit for that really.

The other delivery was from HERO, the organisation that helps comic book creators in need. When this box from the US arrived with “Priority Mail” stamped on it, of course, I got a few questions. Explaining that it was from a charity that helps comic artists who can’t make a living anymore just made it sound more amusing than I intended.  

Inside was a sketch card, from Bob Hall, if I make out the signature correctly. Never heard of him either, but he draws a mean vampire! I also got  a large (the smallest size!) t-shirt with a Jack Kirby inspired hand stretching out on it, a Marvel Then & Now DVD, which I’ve wanted to watch for along time,(It has Stan Lee, Joe Quesada and Kevin Smith chatting about comics – that’s  a good night in for me), plus a bumper sticker (“I beat Professor X at chess”), a thank you letter, a card, a X-Men #500 (I think) Free Comic Book Day issue, and The Unusual Suspects OGN. That looks like  a good read actually. Written by Dan Wickline and produced by Top Cow it’s an anthology by 16 different artists set in the mind of a demented writer imaging every genre…imaginable. Not a bad day really. I suggest signing up with HERO actually. It’s for a good cause, especially if you’ve been reading comics for a while and understand that creators these days have it a lot easier, and financially somewhat safer, than those from decades ago. There’s Bronze, Silver (which I chose), Gold and Excelsior! memberships available, all with different goodies. Go here to check them out.


Free Magazine Preview

The last 18 months have been great for me from a hobby perspective  and I began thinking that the only thing I’m reasonably good at was comic-y stuff. So I thought I’d start a magazine. It was like  a bolt from heaven, or perhaps a caffeine induced daydream. Either way it’s exciting. Extra Sequential will be  a bi-monthly mag that will be put on-line as a PDF, totally free. Our first ish is now up, though by the time we launch our official site, some tweaking will take place. Go here to view or save the PDF (57 pages, 9.9mb) or here to see it in a great on-line viewer, and please let me know what you think. A few preview pages are below just to give you a taste. Our aim is to make comic books more accessible. The hardcore insider attraction of Wizard is not our model. We’re more inspired by the art heavy mags of street culture, hip-hop mags, with an emphasis on giving a wider audience to the diversity in comics and hopefully creating new readers along the way. Hope you enjoy it. 






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