Blade vs Twilight

Google the title of this post and you’ll see more than a few people who’d like to see Marvel’s half human, half vamp hero stake Edward Cullen and co. I actually just watched the most recent Twilight flick and though it looks better than the previous 2 instalments, it’s still rather dull. At least it makes fun of the fad surrounding it, with Edward looking at Jacob’s (Taylor Lautner) six pack and asking, “Does he ever wear a shirt?” and with Jacob mentioning Edward’s cold blooded vamp veins and stating, “I’m hotter than you.”

Another writer having some fun at Twilight’s expense is Mark Millar. In the first 3 pages of last week’s Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #4, with art by Steve Dillon, Blade is stuck in a sewer and, having just been bitten by new vamp Captain America, starts hallucinating about two lovers staring meaningfully at one another in “Twilight Falls.” “Stella” asks “Edgar” to stare at her. “Intensely?” he asks. “As intensely as you dare,” she pouts. Ah, great stuff.

Below the classic demotivational poster is a taste of pop culture parody delight from those great opening pages.

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