Jackket Knightmare #2 Review

Jackket Knightmare #2I met self-taught artist Cassandra Reyes through christiancomics.net and her first issue of Jackket Knightmare caught my eye, and it wasn’t because of the unusual spelling of the title. Wearing her influences on her sleeve, such as The Crow and everybody’s second favourite X-Man Gambit, she crafted a mature tale about justice and redemption. It was obvious that the first issue was the product of a new creator however, with certain elements being understandably unrefined. However, what a difference this follow up issue is. It’s a remarkable improvement.

This 28 page second issue is black and white and follows Tomas J. Caballero, a man once abused as a child, and the trenchcoat avenger of the title. The link between the men won’t be a complete surprise but it does work splendidly. Their respective missions are at the core of the series, and  in this issue, sub-titled Healing Rains, Tomas learns that his late father’s vacant position as church pastor has been decided, due to a seemingly crafty council.

Knightmare stares down what appears to be a demon possessed man and has a close shave with the cops, which can only land him in hot water next issue. Reyes takes a few bold artistic steps here and it pays off. Drawing people from overhead, as well as a couple kissing are hard to render properly, but she ably does so. The story is a lot easier to follow and the page designs are much more creative. There’s also a short back-up feature called Rival Relic Hunters that isn’t as unique as Knightmare with a distinctive manga flavour, but it’s not the highlight of the issue.

Reyes’ hard work is paying off though. It’s always a treat to see an indie creator start to hit their stride and to see their dedicated efforts begin to bear fruit. The issue can be pre-ordered from Reyes’  Velvet Nightmare Studios here.

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