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Outlaw CompetitionThere’s actually quite a few indie publishers on the constant look out for fresh, new creators. New company Outlaw Entertainment is one of those publishers. Visit their website, download a 5 page script from one of their upcoming OGNs and wow Editor In Chief/writer Jason M. Burns with your arty stylings. Details below.

Are you an aspiring artist? Is your sequential work destined for comic book greatness? Are you the next big thing in need of your first big break?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should put pencil to paper and enter the Outlaw Entertainment International Artist Search for a chance to be seen! (And to win $1000.00!)


1. Choose one of the following script excerpts from a soon-to-be released Outlaw Entertainment original graphic novel and complete the five page sequential sample prior to July 15th. Keep in mind to follow the script as closely as possible while also bringing your own unique spin/style to the pages.

Praetorian (dark thriller)
Hat Trick (all ages adventure)
Jenna Blue (sci-fi action)

2. Depending on how far your talents stretch, you can submit your page samples as a.) straight pencils, b.) pencils & inks, or c.) completed pages with pencils, inks, and colors. Do not letter the pages. We only want to see your art!
3. Only the Outlaw Entertainment script excerpts will be considered for the contest. Previous works/samples should NOT be submitted as they will NOT be considered.
4. The contest is open to unpublished artists as well as published artists.
5. Submissions should be sent to no later than midnight on JULY 15th, 2009!!!! Any submissions received after this date will NOT be considered.
6. Winners will be contacted prior to July 20th and will be announced at SDCC 2009!


The grand prize winner of the Outlaw Entertainment International Artist Search will receive $1,000.00 (US) and one copy of every Outlaw Entertainment book released between June 2009 and June 2010.

Two runners up will also receive one copy of every Outlaw Entertainment book released between June 2009 and June 2010.

So in closing, if you’re a talented artist ready to break into comics, download one of the following script excerpts and take part in the Outlaw Entertainment International Artist Search. Remember, you only have until July 15th to submit your samples, so sharpen your pencils and get started right away!

Perty Pics

Below are some covers of Marvel’s goodies on sale now, as well as some of Radical’s releases due in August, including the sci-fi epic Shrapnel TPB and both covers of Hercules: Knives of Kush #2. Perty, no?






Top Cow’s June Freebies

Publisher Top Cow (Witchblade, The Darkness, etc) have been doing this Let Us Win You Over promotion for a few months now and it’s a great shot in the arm for the comics biz. Basically a few selected comic shops in America and Canada get a Top Cow title for free to give to their customers as they see fit. Every month is a different free issue. For June, its Berserker #1 which is a gory and intense series about a war vet getting uncontrollably berserk and trying to figure out why, with elements of Norse mythology thrown in for good measure. The issue goes on sale on June 24. Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia helped to develop the concept. The press release is below, and the long list of this month’s freebie winning stores are at the link below that.

Berserker #1 Keown CvrTop Cow Productions, Inc. revealed today the names of the participating retailers in their “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative for June and the next free issue in the program – Berserker #1.
The “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative is a yearlong campaign by Top Cow Productions to give out free copies of its regular comics to potential fans in the U.S. and Canada through participating comic book stores. Each month, a different set of stores, each month a different free comic. The stores vary by geography and demographics. Top Cow has partnered with ComicsPRO to bring this promotion to fans and a portion of June’s retailers are members of ComicsPRO. Top Cow reminds retailers that any direct market retailer with a Diamond account is eligible to participate and should contact their Diamond Customer Service representative for information on signing up.
Berserker #1 is a brutal new series, co-produced with DiVide Pictures, offers a blend of Norse mythology with contemporary characters. The story focuses on an American war veteran and a high school athlete coming to grip with the animalistic and uncontrollable rage living inside them.  Berserker #1 is written by screenwriter and creator Rick Loverd and drawn by artist Jeremy Haun (Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum). Series artist Haun and artist Dale Keown (The Darkness/Pitt) will provide illustrations to the two cover variants featured on Berserker #1. The issue will be in comic shops on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 and normally retails for $2.99.

Berserker #1 Cvr“We’re incredibly proud of the work Rick and Jeremy have done on Berserker #1 and excited that Top Cow believes in the series enough to give out free copies to retailers and fans,” said Milo Ventimiglia, star of NBC’s Heroes and co-founder of DiVide Pictures.

“We are very much looking forward to the being a “Let Us Win You Over” store. Not very many promotions come along where we can give away free comics and when they do we try our hardest to take advantage of them to help both the publisher and ourselves,” explained Mike Cresser of Crush Comics in Castro Valley, CA, “We are hoping to increase our sales on Top Cow titles due to this and very much appreciate the effort being put forward by Top Cow.“

A list of the participating retailers during the month of June (listed alphabetically by state) is included below. Additional information can be found at the official online home of the “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative – Customers who currently purchase Berserker at the stores below will be able to purchase an extremely limited “All Beef” Edition (limited to just the stores listed below) at the regular cover price. Fans are encouraged to contact the retailer they wish to visit for specific details:

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