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What’s with the name of this blog, you may ask? I just thought the name was catchy and it’s a combination of my two fave things – comic books and Jesus, but not in that order. 🙂 It’s also inspired by Hollywood Jesus, one of the first sites to spotlight the intersection between pop culture and Christianity.

I’m Kris Bather, an Aussie who loves Christ and marvels daily at His grace. I enjoy comic books, reading novels and watching films that stand out from the predictable Hollywood crowd. Dark chocolate, caffeine and exercise are also enjoyable distractions. I was the comics editor for Infuze, an on-line mag, and wrote comics reviews, interviews and articles for 6 years for Broken Frontier. I occasionally write for Christian website Sight. I’m also the co-creator of the now defunct Extra Sequential, a free, on-line comics mag. You can check out all 3 issues here or here.

I co-hosted the weekly ignite Christian radio show on Heritage FM for 5 years, wrote an article for the San Diego Comic-Con Souvenir Book in 2008, and was a finalist at the 2012 Maj Monologues competition at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth. In 2012 I spoke about comics at various panels at Perth’s SwanCon convention, gave a presentation about the topic to the regular meeting of various librarians within the metropolitan area, and successfully participated in the online ScriptFrenzy challenge. In 2013 I entered The Fiction Project with an original short story.

I also had too much fun co-hosting the weekly Extra Sequential podcast from 2010 to 2012, in which we reviewed comics, had the occasional guest, and often went on pop culture ramblings, all the while doing our best to make comics attractive and accessible.

E-MAIL: kris@comicbookjesus.com


  1. Cool blog dude, got your link direct from Esther (we’re both desk monkeys at Curtin). Man so jealous of you going to San Diego Con, have loads of fun and look forward to reading about it on here!

  2. Hi Kris. Glad you made it all that way in one piece. David, Mladen and the rest of us Mirvacians have been following your Con adventure thus far. Sounds like your having a blast. This morning we were short for things to do so we made a list of the top ten worst films . All Meat Balls films with Cory Feldman were top of the list, so I had a giggle when I read he was at the Con. Any who it’s dark, dismal and very wet this side of the hemisphere, but it is Friday YAY ! Can’t wait to read your next instalment. May the force be with you XXX

  3. Hey Kris how are ya mate, you having fun over there you lucky sod?
    Just got back from QC, picked up my usual stuff, start that course tomorrow morning with young Pat.
    So what’s it like there mate? I might have the make the journey there next year although might have to go to E3 first then there. We should be able to fit it all in.
    Anyway have a great one mate will no doubt catch up with you when your back in sunny Perth (although it’s not sunny at the moment it’s dark and raining)
    Cya mate.

  4. […] Wolverine Origins over at Comicbook Jesus ( a quirky blog name granted, but I have read several of Chris Bather’s posts so far, and they have just been excellent and well worth your time to go and examine for […]

  5. Hi Kris,
    Good site.
    Very interesting Watchmen review. It was graphic in every context and as you stated; not for the kiddies. Much to our amusement there was some very responsible parents at the session who saw fit to remove their young ones when the sex got too steamy, never mind the massive body count and gore up to that point. I guess you have to draw the line in the sand somewhere.
    It would be good to see a blog on the symbolism in the movie/comic…………..mmmmmmm
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Awesome site, just happened upon it by accident, am going to add you on my blogroll. Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated!

  7. Kris,

    Nice website.

    Looking forward to the first print run. Keep me a copy.


    • Thanks mate. Will do!

  8. I showed up because your blog title is just so cool, and I’ve been bating Christians all morning. But no, your well-written content is about my beloved comic books. I’m a 90-year-old trapped in a 48-year-old body with too many kilometers on the odometer. And now, in my spare time, I’ll wonder what kind of rogue’s gallery a Comic Book Jesus would have.

    • Hey there Michael

      Thanks! I just checked out your site too and it requires further investigation, I must say. Most of us comics geeks are wannabe writers and it looks like a great resource!

  9. Hi Kris!
    You reveiwed my first comic Jackket Knightmare and well I have released issues #2 & #3 for the iphone/android and was wondering if I could send them in for a review? Let me know and thank you for the first issue review. 🙂

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