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I’ve recently launched a free bi-monthly magazine, entitled Extra Sequential. Our most recent, third (and final, for now) issue is above or here. As you can imagine, it’s all about comics. However, this will be geared towards hard-core fanboys (like me) as well as newbies who are unfamiliar with the wonders of the comics universe, because, let’s face it comics can be daunting and complicated to the uninitiated. Extra Sequential aims to fix that. Our second 88 page issue features Flash Gordon, Dread Force, Joe Jusko, Kid Beowulf, Harker, and lots more. It’s out now (see it below or go here, while our first issue can be seen at the link under it). After 3 issues of ES, we helped Canada’s Arcana Comics with the launch of their print magazine, Arcana, which went on sale in comic shops worldwide in March 2010.

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