This Week’s Marvel

Below are but a few covers from the plethora of Marvel goodies hitting shelves this week. You may notice that the last 4 covers are somewhat…different. Marvel are celebrating their 70th anniversary this year in unique style. Those last 4 comics all go on sale on June 17 and have variant covers related to the wonders of the 80s and 90s, so Rogue goes vogue, War Machine looks like he’s in a Nirvana video, the Marvel Zombies cast appear to be re-enacting Michael Jackson’s Thriller and She-Hulk’s Lyra is the new disco queen.








Harker #4 Out

Those crazy gents from Ariel Press have released the brand spanking new issue of the awesome crime series, Harker. You can order it as a PDF or hard copy from their website. I interviewed the creators behind the unique British crime title for the second issue of Extra Sequential, starting on page 32. Writer Roger Gibson and artist Vince Danks have really created something special with Harker, as you can see by the text-free pics below. The TPB collecting the first 6 issues is due for release in September.

Harker #4Harker #4p12