Wonder Woman – Animated!

Here’s your first look at the Amazon herself. Keri Russell (MI:3) has been cast as the voice of Diana Prince and her lasso wielding alter ego, while Nathan Fillion (Firefly) is providing voice duties for pilot Steve Trevor, who crash lands on the Amazon’s hidden island. Lucky fella. Rosario Dawson plays rival Artemis (WW’s one-time replacement in the comics), Virginia Madsen is WW’s mum, Queen Hippolyta and Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2’s Doctor Octopus) plays Ares, the god of war and all round bad dude. This follows DC Comics other direct-to-DVD features, Superman/Doomsday (which recounted the awesome Death of Superman tale in a more simplified manner), the 1940’s inspired Justice League: New Frontier and the just released Dark Knight film tie-in, Batman: Gotham Knight, by a unique handful of both Japanese and American creators.

Each of these films has a very different artistic style and each one is a great introduction to the sprawling cast of characters that make up the DC Universe. Each DVD also has its own handy documentary, and interviews with the writers and artists to give you a heads up about these characters. We don’t know much about this newest film, but before it is released in February of next year, I’m sure we’ll slowly find out more.

Hulk Jr. & Wolverine Jr.

Well, his actual name is Skaar, but he is certainly Hulk’s son. He is all grown up (which happened abnormally quickly) and is living on the prehistoric planet Sakaar, which a secret group of superheroes sent the Hulk to. Out of mind, out of sight was their plan. However, Hulk’s ship landed not on a lush planet, but a desolate one, where the Hulk became gladiator, king, father – in that order. He returned to earth to wreak havoc on those that flung him far, far away, then “died,” but his alter ego, Bruce Banner is still around (as a prisoner of S.H.I.E.L.D) The whole tale can be read in the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk collections.

They are well worth a read if you want to see what the Hulk is up to besides pining for Betty and running and growling, as seen in the recent film. Writer Greg Pak has had a lot to do with The Incredible Hulk series (now The Incredible Hercules) and WWH, and is primed to tell the tale of Hulk’s barbaric offspring and his destiny in a primitive, war loving land. Artist Ron Garney does a great job with the pencils as always, as you can see from these preview pages.

There is also a backup tale which lets you in on a few secrets regarding Skaar’s history, to get you up to speed.   Skaar: Son of Hulk # 1 may be hard to get a hold of, but #2 should be available from your local comics shop right now.

The Hulk’s not the only one with a son running around in the Marvel Universe though. Another popular cinematic hero has one too – good ol’ Wolvie. That’s right, the X-Men’s surliest member also has an even surlier son. Daken is the child of Wolvie and Itsu, his (now deceased) Japanese wife from many years ago. He’s basically a contract killer, was born in 1946, raised in Japan, and hates his father. Kids these days, huh? This month is also a great time to catch up on Daken’s origin too, in Wolverine: Origins #27, which is out July 30. It’s written by Daniel Way, with art by Stephen Segovia. Look for the cover with two men yelling at each other with their claws out.