Hulk’s Live Action Looks

Now that The Avengers has had its world premiere, we are witness to the fourth live action version of the Hulk. Empire has a nifty rundown of all his film and TV incarnations so far, right here (not counting animated outings).

Spidey, Hulk, Wolvie, Vision & More Reviews

This week is fairly indicative of my new comic purchasing habits, with DC Comics and their largely disappointing relaunch taking a back seat to some truly entertaining tales at Marvel.

The Incredible Hulk #1. Writer Peter David got me hooked on the Green Goliath, as I began following him towards the end of his stellar 14 year run. Now I’m collecting all the Hulk Visionaries Trades that gather his epic. This new series finds Bruce Banner and Hulk separated, and writer Jason Aaron (Ghost Rider, Scalped) promises to explain how in future issues, as well as just why Hulk is hanging around deep below the earth, and how Banner managed to fund a laboratory in the middle of the jungle for his Island of Dr. Moreau experiments. Guided by Hulk’s Banner hating narration, and begrudging friendship with the mole men he feeds with huge subterranean beasts, is this worthy intro issue. Marc Silvestri’s sketchier style than usual works a treat with the angry action on display, although he’ll be getting help in coming issues. If you’ve been away form the Hulk for a while, this is a great place to return to.

Shame Itself. And now for something completely different. This ish doesn’t takes itself seriously at all, whcih makes it such an enjoyable romp. As an anthology one-shot mocking Marvel’s antics, I found this surprisingly funny. Despite the title, this doesn’t focus on the recent Fear Itself epic that ran throughout Marvel’s titles. Kicking things off with an awesome 5 pager by Victor Varnado and Clayton Henry, it finds various baddies including Galactus, Dormammu and Thanos (“He’s got jewellery!”) all turning up at New York to announce their latest world domination plans and then awkwardly realising that they can’t all rule the world and need some sort of schedule. Elliott Kalan and Dean Haspiel bring us Reed Richards and The Thing’s high school reunion, in which much to “Read’s” (as his name tag suggests) chagrin, Ben Grimm is much more popular than him. A Wy-If, as opposed to Marvel’s alternate universe What If series, by Wyatt Cenac, Kalan and artist Colleen Coover present 5 one page gags that work rather well. There’s a 2 pager prose piece from Michael Kupperman and a piece called “I Hate Peter Parker,” that doesn’t work. Overall, the whole ish does though, but only in the same way DC’s Tiny Titans does – for fanboys who know their stuff. If you’re new to Marvel, you won’t know most of these characters so the jokes won’t work. It’s awesome to see new writers here (a few from the land of TV), all of whom have a clear love of Marvel’s costumed adventurers.

Preview here.

Avengers Origins: Vision. The first in a series of Avenger centred one-shots is this painterly beauty. I’ve never been a massive fan of the avengers, but I do have a fondness for their low-key heroes such as Wonder Man, and this androgynous android. If you don’t know much about Vision, this is a nice teacher, although it won’t bring you up to speed on what he’s doing now. I haven’t seen him in a Marvel comic for ages, so I don’t know if he’s dead or what.

This tale, written by Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel with gorgeous art by Stepahne Perger focuses on Vision’s creation by the evil Ultron 5, himself a robotic creation of Hank Pym of the avengers. Vision trains under Ultron, learns that his sole mission is to destroy Earth’s mightiest Heroes, which he fails at. He does arrive at a crying Janet van Dyne’s (Wasp) bedroom window and begins silently taking out the team, as Hawkeye, Pym (known as Goliath at this stage), Black Panther rush to each other’s aid. No sign of Thor, Cap or Iron Man though, which is just as well as that’d be too much to fit in this one-shot. Vision is impressed by their heroism and friendship and decides that Avengers aren’t worth his killing mission, and focuses his wide array of powers on his silver creator instead. It mixes some well constructed action and emotional touches as Vision goes beyond his original programming to become something more.

Perger’s art is lush and vivid, and reminded me of Alex Ross’ early work in Marvels. The fight scenes are filled with bold reds and yellows and laid out on the page very dynamically. I hope Perger does more superhero work. It fits in this nostalgic context but the balance of high action and emotion is splendid and would work in any series really.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1. No, it’s not based on the cartoon, but is set after the events of the recent Schism mini-series in which Cyclops and Wolvie had an ideological falling out, so Cyke and his students remain on the island of Utopia while Wolvei and his return to their old school, now called the Jean Grey School for higher Learning, in honour of their fallen comrade. This debut was a lot more light hearted than I was expecting, beginning with Wolvie and Kitty Pryde stressing out about being headmasters on the opening day, coupled with the visitation of two inspectors who are unimpressed on their tour with all the dangers around them.

It’s a good intro to the state of the new series and the faculty and students. We see glimpses of Husk, Beast, the once evil Toad (who only wants a bed) and new arrivals Kid Gladiator (his alien father has given the school lots of cool tech) and his bodyguard Warbird. There’s bound to be tension from within and attacks from outside, as Prof. X (he can walk now apparently!) tells Wolvie to expect lots of explosions and to get the number of a good debris removal company. Jason Aaron has done well to fit in humour, and lots of character moments here, and Chris Bachalo’s art is much more refined than his sometimes messy style. The exaggerations and light manga touch work a treat.

Marvel: Point One. This one-shot has been touted as an important pointer to some upcoming Marvel stories, so it mainly serves as an extra-sized anthology hinting at what’s to come. Consisting of 7 different tales, it begins with two explorers looking at the all-knowing Watcher’s records and then has spacefaring Nova (in a new suit that makes him look like’s been de-aged) fighting Terrax before fleeing to warn everybody that the Phoenix force is coming. It’s good to see Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness teaming up again, even if it’s for a short tale like this.

Next up is a future set Age of Apocalypse tale in which mutants rule and humans are the hunted species. David Lapham’s scripts works with Roberto De La Torre’s slightly gritty pencils to present an interesting tale that does very well to present a handful of new characters in as many pages. The Scarlett Spider and Yin and Yang tales are OK, but Matt Fraction’s and Terry Dodson’s Dr Strange story gives us a look at December’s  The Defenders series (which I’m looking forward to, only because of the creators) and Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch show Spider-Man and Hawkeye fighting a losing battle against a few vicious Ultrons in their intense style.

Avenging Spider-Man #1. Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira know how to do fun and funny comics. It’s good to see Joe Mad back doing comics again, with his heavily manga inspired pencils lending Wells’ all-out action story a vibrant visual panache. Yes, Spidey’s a popular guy, but if , like me, you don’t read his monthly series (any of them), this new team-up book is awesome and will hopefully serve as a godo intro to the wider Marvel Universe as Peter Parker battles alongside various fellow costumed adventurers.

Here, it’s the turn of Red Hulk (former enemy of Hulk, General Ross) as they finish fighting a massive robot with a few other Avengers, before Ross gives Spidey a lift back to New York, in a most humiliating fashion. Of course, they arrive just in time for an invasion by the subterranean Moloids, who kidnap New York’s new mayor (and Parker’s old boss), J. Jonah Jameson. This ish is mostly fight scenes, including Hulk destroying a flock of seagulls, and a double pager of a mass of Moloids jumping on a mass of marathon runners, so it means it’s slightly unsatisfying due to it being a quick read. Perfect for newbies though, as this ish (and assumedly, all future ones) consists of a neato intro summarising who Spidey and this new red Hulk are.

Incredible Hulk #1 Preview

Hulk is coming back with 2 impressive creators. Preview pages below.

Silvestri & Aaron Break New Ground In INCREDIBLE HULK #1!

Hold on to your seats for the biggest, baddest, most Incredible Hulk ever! Join Legendary Artist Marc Silverstri as he teams with Jason Aaron for a Hulk story unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the all-new Incredible Hulk #1! It’s the buildup to the greatest showdown fans have been demanding – Banner versus Hulk. Who is the beast and who is the man? Find out in Incredible Hulk #1and check out these jaw-dropping pages for a sneak peek at this groundbreaking new series!

*Retailers should check the Diamond Daily today for special ordering incentives including variants!


Written by JASON AARON

Pencils and Cover by MARC SILVESTRI

FOC – 10/3/11, ON SALE – 10/26/11

Hulk vs Dracula #1 Preview

Could this be the end of Bruce Banner? Quite possibly.


Witness the cataclysmic showdown between Dracula, Lord of the Undead, and Dei-Hulk that changes the life of the gamma-irradiated monster… FOREVER!






Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC – 8/22/11, ON SALE 9/14/11


Hulk #34 Preview

Good old Hulk has had a lot of related titles and different coloured cast members over the last few years. Here’s the newest story, with an awesome, text-free preview.

Parker & Pagulayan Conquer PLANET RED HULK

This summer, fan favorite writer Jeff Parker and “Planet Hulk” artist Carlos Pagulayan are taking the Marvel Universe’s biggest, reddest bruiser off the map and into the unknown when “Planet Red Hulk” crash lands in Hulk #34 & 35! His country called and Red Hulk answered – until his top secret mission blew up in orbit and his face! Now, Big Red is stranded on an unknown world where only the strong survive…but he’s more than willing to fight his way to the top of the food chain!

Planet Red Hulk takes our hero further along his voyage of understanding that he is his own greatest enemy when Red is sent into a distant alien culture at war,” said writer Jeff Parker. “It seems to have inspired original Planet Hulk artist Carlo Pagulayan to make the most jaw-dropping art I’ve ever seen him do- and he was already incredible!”

“Carlo put an undeniably unique and imaginative stamp on green Hulk and now he’s bringing that magic to this arc of red Hulk,” said Marvel Senior Editor, Mark Paniccia. “He’s one of the best world-builders in the industry.”

But is it cosmic irony that two gamma-irradiated goliaths have now found themselves stranded on alien worlds? Or has a secret force been controlling their paths through the space ways all along? Whatever the answer, it’s a given that Red Hulk isn’t your average castaway. Watch him smash his all way to the top when the one-man conquest of “Planet Red Hulk”begins in Hulk #34 & 35, double-shipping this June!

HULK #34

Written by JEFF PARKER

Pencils & Cover by CARLO PAGULAYAN

Rated T+ …$2.99


HULK #35

Written by JEFF PARKER

Pencils & Cover by CARLO PAGULAYAN

Rated T+ …$2.99


Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1 Preview

Text-free preview of the latest mini-series exploring what Hulk’s son is up to next.
Skaar Invades The Savage Land!
Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Skaar: King Of The Savage Land #1 (of 5) from rising star writer Rob Williams and artist Brian Ching! For decades, Ka-Zar’s rule over the Savage Land went uncontested – until now. This March, Skaar attempts to usurp Ka-Zar’s rule using his favorite form of conflict management – tearing through any one or thing in his way! Except in order to do so, he’ll go up against Dinosaurs, robots and an ancient evil entity first! Witness Skaar’s rise to sovereignty this April, in Skaar: King Of The Savage Land #1 (of 5)!
Pencils by BRIAN CHING
Variant Cover by BILLY TAN
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 3/14/11, ON SALE – 4/16/11

Hulk #30 Preview

Ed McGuiness draws bulging muscles and bombastic, powerhouse battles like no-one else, and now he’s returning to Hulk. Details, and rare preview pages with text, below.

Ed McGuinness returns to HULK!

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at HULK #30, as superstar artist Ed McGuinness returns to the book he helped create and joins red hot writer Jeff Parker for the gamma-irradiated team-up you never thought you’d see! That’s right, the Green Goliath and the rampaging Red Hulk must put aside their differences to take on a threat so massive it’ll take the both of them to put a stop to it. The Earth will shake as the COMPOUND HULK makes its shocking debut!

“Thanks to his amazing run with Jeph Loeb, Ed’s become THE definitive Hulk artist of our time,” said Senior Editor Mark Paniccia. “HULK #30 is pure McGuinness madness, introducing new characters that are bound to be instant classics, and some Hulk villains that fans have been frothing for. All this and the Impossible Man, too.”

Prepare for an action-packed, gamma-fueled beat down that only the combined might of two Hulks can deliver in HULK #30, on sale this February!

HULK #30 (DEC100576)

Written by JEFF PARKER

Pencils and Cover by ED McGUINNESS


FOC 1/24/11, On-Sale 2/16/11

Hulk: Let The Battle Begin #1 Review

As faithfully and thoroughly documented by Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster for comics fans hoping for a few very cheap Marvel TPBs from Amazon. As many of us discovered – yep, it was too good to be true. However, the beauty of being a loyal fanboy or girl is that every week holds the promise of some outstanding new comics, and this little puppy is one of them.

Jesse Blaze Snider continues to prove his skill as a scribe with his pulse on the core of the characters he writes. Dark romance with Vertigo’s Dead Romeo series, the playful cast in BOOM!’s Toy Story and now his great tale in this Hulk one-shot. The guy knows what he’s doing and obviously spends quality time thinking about the specific traits of the characters he’s writing. As anyone who’s enjoyed Toy Story (his 2nd issue is also out this week) already knows, Snider has quite the knack for bringing out the authentic personalities of each of the toys, even if they only utter a few sentences. Likewise, this standalone adventure starring the Green Goliath feels like a purpose built Hulk story, rather than just a bland tale featuring a brute who smashes tanks. Snider brings to play the humanity of Bruce Banner and the rampaging might of his emerald alter ego with equal aplomb.

In the first two pages of Let The Battle Begin, we are given one familiar Hulk element with his “stupid purple pants,” and a new element that makes perfect sense for a rational scientist (a small survival kit in those same pants) as Banner wakes up post-Hulk in the middle of a desert. I should point out that this tale is set sometime in the past, as Hulk’s simplistic threats, and Thor in his old duds reveals. As Banner hitchhikes to the nearest town as part of the post-Hulk routine he’s done many times before, we are given flashbacks to unveil just what went down the previous day. Basically – a massive brawl with The Wrecking Crew in the battleground of Mt. Rushmore. Snider paces it very well, and throws in some surprising humour so that it makes the kind of Hulk fight we’ve seen so many times before appear refreshing and wholeheartedly enjoyable. With hitting with sticks, jokes about haircuts and groin grabbing it’s a great sequence that never comes across as silly or irreverent. In fact Snider boils down the essence of Banner wonderfully, as the captions of his inner thoughts show, as Banner has conversations with the townspeople and just tries to live a normal life. He applies the same focused analysis of Banner’s other side (y’know, the green one) that makes this a superb entry level adventure for the Hulk curious. Within just a few pages Snider sums up the complexities of Banner/Hulk in a way I haven’t seen since Peter David wrestled with Ol’ Greenskin.

Snider isn’t alone on this tale though, and artist Steve Kurth matches the plot with some great images. A slightly sketchy style similar to Bryan Hitch’s, Kurth’s grasp of facial expressions is bordering on masterful. There are a few misshapen missteps, but generally he tackles the pages with ferocity and humanity. Banner’s messy hair, the enthusiasm of a Hulk fan/hotel clerk and the confidence that drips away from Thor’s bloodied face are all great touches in this hectic day-in-the-life-of Hulk tale. There are a few close ups that appear like snapshots, brimming with honest emotion.

Also included is a short story written by Mark Parsons and Tom Cohen that originally appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #9. With art by Ed McGuiness it of course looks brilliant, even if Kelsey Shannon’s colours take a while to get used to seeing over the monstrous McGuiness style. Excellently titled Gamaragnarok it focuses on the harsh world of the future Hulk, Maestro. It’s very different from the preceding pages, with its serious story of war, but it sure looks pretty.

Merry Christmas!

From the Hulk family, and myself a huge Merry Christmas to you all, and a glorious New Year. This year has been a great one for me, I must say. I went to Comic-Con for the second time and managed to meet for the first time many people who I’ve been ‘talking’ with over the last 2 years. My mate Dave and I created 3 issues of the free mag  Extra Sequential, which opened up the door for our ultimate goal – printing a fresh faced comics mag. Sean at Arcana Comics in Canada saw ES and liked it and since July we’ve been stealing all the time we can manage to unleash the new Arcana magazine upon the public. January 27 is going to be an awesome day!

In all the embracing of capitalism and madness of gift giving I hope we can remember the real reason for the season (that’d be Jesus, not Santa BTW) but if you’re not a Christian I hope you still reflect on the goodness of the last 12 months and realise that every situation is an experience to develop as a more complete person. Thank you for reading my humble blog this year and although I haven’t updated it as much as I’d like, especially with new reviews, I’m glad you’ve read my ramblings.

Now, here’s to 2010! I have a good feeling about this coming year.

Fall Of The Hulks Preview

Hulk is fast becoming the Batman of the Marvel Universe, with more superheroes running around associated with Bruce Banner’s alter ego than any one series can contain. Marvel’s next Hulk-focused epic, after Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, is Fall of the Hulks. It begins with Fall of the Hulks: Alpha which lands on December 30 and is written by Jeff Parker with pencils by Paul Pelletier. Ed McGuiness and David Finch provide covers. Preview pages below.








Dark Reign Hulk Preview

Here’s a look at a few text-free pages from Dark Reign: The List-Hulk by writer Greg Pak and artist Ben Oliver. It hit shelves on October 21, and here’s what Marvel have to say about the rather nice looking tie-in issue starring Bruce Banner and his son.

Norman Osborn knows making The Hulk angry probably wasn’t the best idea, but he never considered the ramifications of ticking off Skaar! In Dark Reign: The List – Hulk, the strength of Skaar and the brains of Banner will be put to the test as they find themselves on The List! Bruce Banner isn’t the Hulk anymore, but that’s not stopping him! Incredible Hulk scribe—and New York Times Best-Seller—Greg Pak and artist Ben Oliver join forces as the new Green Goliath and Banner go up against Osborn and his crew in Dark Reign: The List – Hulk.

The critics cannot stop buzzing about Greg Pak’s return to the Incredible Hulk:

“It’s action-packed and it features some quality characterization of Banner and Skaar.” – Jesse Schedeen,

“I think any fan of the Hulk will be happy picking this one up.” – Brandon Borzelli –

Marvel urges retailers to check all orders of Dark Reign: The List as it continues to generate buzz among fans. Will Skaar SMASH just like Dad or will Osborn get the best of The Hulk’s son? Find out in Dark Reign: The List – Hulk!

Dark Reign: The List-Hulk Cvr

Dark Reign: The List-Hulk Variant Cover

Dark Reign: The List-Hulk1

Dark Reign: The List-Hulk2

Dark Reign: The List-Hulk3

Dark Reign: The List-Hulk4

Dark Reign: The List-Hulk5

Marvel’s October Covers

October’s Strange Tales #2, has 2 nifty covers by indie star Peter Bagge showcasing the green, and red Hulk. Incredible Hercules #136 also arrives in October and underneath the great Rafael Alberquerque cover is a story of the new Thor vs the new Hercules. Check them out.


Strange Tales #2 Red HulkCover



Hulk #12 Review

You know what reading the new Hulk series by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness is like? It’s like going on a blind date with the biggest, dumbest girl you’ve ever met. You may wonder why you stick around, but as she spits when she talks and gives wild stories as to why she’s missing teeth, you can’t help but end the night with a guilty grin on your face.

“Most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on!” 

“Blow it out your flaming pants, Dormammu!”

“See if you can subjective this!”

That’s a sample of the bombasity contained within these pages, most of which are concerned with the mysterious, new red Hulk beating up powerful beings much bigger than himself. And yes, there’s an awful lot of exclamation points in here. 16 in fact. That’s the point though. Jeph Loeb knows how to write smart, restrained, tasteful superhero tales, but the Jeph Loeb writing this series is his evil twin. He shouts a lot, slams his fists and his having the time of his life. And it’s fun to watch.

Hulk #12

Free Magazine Preview

The last 18 months have been great for me from a hobby perspective  and I began thinking that the only thing I’m reasonably good at was comic-y stuff. So I thought I’d start a magazine. It was like  a bolt from heaven, or perhaps a caffeine induced daydream. Either way it’s exciting. Extra Sequential will be  a bi-monthly mag that will be put on-line as a PDF, totally free. Our first ish is now up, though by the time we launch our official site, some tweaking will take place. Go here to view or save the PDF (57 pages, 9.9mb) or here to see it in a great on-line viewer, and please let me know what you think. A few preview pages are below just to give you a taste. Our aim is to make comic books more accessible. The hardcore insider attraction of Wizard is not our model. We’re more inspired by the art heavy mags of street culture, hip-hop mags, with an emphasis on giving a wider audience to the diversity in comics and hopefully creating new readers along the way. Hope you enjoy it. 






Masks p1

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