Comic Previews

Not previews of comics, but if you want some, here you go.

As promised, after looking at all the cool novelties and assorted strangeness that the monthly catalogue Previews offers up, now we’ll have a look at comics. Comics make up the bulk of the roughly 500-600 glorious pages of each edition of Previews. These are broken down into the main publishers, such as Dark Horse and DC, while Marvel get their own because their books are so awesome that they need a separate tome so as not to be infected by the sub-par efforts of their competition. By the way, what you just read was a sweet use of sarcasm. Let’s look at some new books perfect for new readers.

Well, first up, I must get my hands on the Joker HC. Timed well to coincide with The Dark Knight, this 128 pager won’t come out until October, but the movie publicity will surely get many people ordering it. This hardcover book by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo is a thematic follow-up to their previous mini-series, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, that gave readers a Lex-perspective on the Last Son of Krypton. Now, it’s Joker’s turn. With Gotham being shared by a range of mob guys and costumed freaks, the Joker gets jealous. He wants his city back, and he’s not willing to share. With Azzarello’s gritty story telling and Bermejo’s creepily realistic visuals, this should be a very good tale.

Image Comics have really expanded their publishing scope over the last few years, going beyond just superheroes and giving us every genre imaginable. Four Eyes is a good example. It’s a new on-going series set in 1930s Brooklyn where a desperate boy wants to aid his mother during the Great Depression. But no! This is not some hard-luck story (well , maybe it is) but it also involves well-trained dragons fighting each other. Sounds like an interesting combo. I’ve been a fan of writer Joe Kelly since his days on Action Comics scribing Superman and Max Fiumara’s art as seen in the sample pages in Previews looks action packed and intense.

Finally (though I’ve actually ordered much more than these 3 books) is Ursa Minors! Volume 1:The Collected, Wait-For-The-Trade Edition from Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics. With a nifty name that long it’s got my attention. I have heard of this series before however and thought I’d do what the title suggested, and wait for the Trade, which collects the black and white four issue mini-series in 112 pages. It’s about three bears with hi-tech suits who aren’t really interested in being heroic, but would rather  focus on, “comics, beer and comics about beer.” By Neil Kleid, Paul Cote and Fernando Pinto. I hope it makes me laugh.