BOOM! Freebies

Relatively new publisher, BOOM! Studios have made a mark on the comics biz by offering a wide range of genres in a fairly short amount of time, and also by appointing High Priest of Fanboys, writer Mark Waid as EIC. High Rollers is one of their latest series, and is written by renowned novelist Gary Phillips. In this first of a four part series, Gary talks about his upbringing, his long love of reading and the basis of the new crime mini. I must say High Rollers certainly makes an impression in the first few pages with a brutal, yet strangely noble death, and seeing gangsters dressed up in suits while discussing business in a boardroom is a fine idea. If you’re a fan of Phillips, or stories where everyone has a gun and a funky nick-name, then this series is for you. If you don’t like either of those things, but do like large men with deep voices talking about “the streets,” then watch the video.

If that whet your appetite, then check out the rest of BOOM!’s vids here.

You still want more? Well, BOOM! have also just started their new free comics enterprise on-line. They will be releasing a page a day from 6 different series, such as the humourous Hero Squared, action packed 2 Guns and the horror of Cthulhu Tales. Something for everyone and a good way to see what takes your fancy. This is good news for us fans and is a move becoming increasingly common. It seems to work for both sides. BOOM! reported a sell out on North Wind #1, the first issue of which was released free on-line at the same time as its shop release date. It necessitated a second printing, while there was a 30% increase in sales from issue #3 – #4. Good news all round really.

Lastly, there’s now a text commentary for BOOM!’s recently released Station #1, if murder on an international space station is your thing. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s written by TV writer Johanna Stokes and is a great insight into her inspiration and storytelling craft. Her explanation about that creepy two-page murder spread makes it even more frightening.