Nerd Paradise

Nerds are smart. Smart people can buy expensive things. Nerds can therefore buy expensive things, right? Absolutely. The beauty of today’s hi-tech pop culture saturated world is that when you’ve made it you can customize any part of your life you like. If you want a Han Solo frozen in carbonite table – you can have it. How about a deluxe home theatre that resembles the awesomeness that is the Batcave? It’s yours.

So you like Star Trek hey? Well invite your Klingon mates over and let them gawk at this bad boy and wonder how Kirk managed to become shirtless with such regularity.

For a sneak at 8 more indulgent fantasies come to life, go here. There’s also themes for Indiana Jones, Titanic, the Death Star and more.

For those of us who can not afford such extravagance, maybe this would be a more cost effective option – a to-scale R2-D2 projector. It comes with an iPod dock, a Millennium Falcon remote control and buckets of cool. It also makes all the official sounds and can roll around the room, sensing when it’s near any dangerous objects, like thieving Jawas or coffee tables. If you’re passionate enough, this little gadget is available now.

You can also get a smaller web-cam version, with a lightsabre remote. See the video below to witness all its glory. My words can not do it justice.