Astonishing X-Men Pics

Here’s a look at the second and third covers from the new Astonishing X-men penciller, Argentine Simone Bianchi. Issue #26 features a stylised design of one of my favourite X-guys, Beast, and #27’s black and white art features the fave of many others, Wolvie doing his thing in front of Scott Summers AKA Cyclops. The new creative team’s debut, #25, with acclaimed writer Warren Ellis sold out quickly, so keep an eye out for these covers on the 13th of August and the 17th of September respectively. Below those two pics are the Terry Dodson cover and a few preview interior pages from the first issue of Secret Invasion: X-Men. The four ish mini is written by Mike Carey with art by Cary Nord and follows the X-dudes as they beat up the Skrull army currently invading the Marvel Universe.