Simone’s Spore

Nightcrawler by Simone BianchiOne of the beauties of comics is the collaboration. Writers and artists working in tandem. I always like reading how they work together and have always had a fascination with the creative process in any medium. That’s why I watch the behind-the-scenes extras on DVDs. It’s educational and inspiring. In some instances in the wonderful world of sequential art, sometimes the main creators don’t even meet each other for years, or even speak the same language, yet their vision still remains intact. Writer Brian Azzarello and Argentine artist Eduardo Risso’s 100 Bullets is a good example. The new Astonishing X-Men series may also be a good one, as writer Warren Ellis lives in England and artist Simone Bianchi (a guy) resides in Italy. They are replacing Buffy creator Joss Whedon and John Cassady’s popular run on the title. The new duo’s first issue is this month’s #25. To the left is a design of Nightcrawler from Bianchi’s talented hand, with more Leonardo Da Vinci like sketches to be seen here. They include pics of Cyclops, Beast, Colossus and Storm, and even Dazzler!. All your faves. (Well, maybe not that last one) Bianchi has a distinctive look, and coupled with Ellis’ quirky style, this could be an interesting take on the X-Men.

Spore looks like an somewhat different game. I saw actor Robin Williams play a demo at a games expo show on TV. He’s a friend of the game’s creator and was offering his usual ribald commentray as he was building and moving strange looking creatures. You can download a demo of the Creature Creator and get into all kinds of fun. I guess. It’s not really my cup of tea. I prefer my games to include running, dodging for cover, lobbing grenades and the menacing joy of taking an enemy out with a sniper rifle. Oh yeah! But if you’re into games like The Sims this may be for you, especially as it’s created by the same guy, Will Wright. It’s set to be released on September 5 and is a massively single-player on-line game, for PC and Mac.