Marvel & DC Solicits

Oh, how I love Previews – the monthly catalogue of all things comic-related, that informs us what’s coming 2 months from now. I’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con when the new issue hits my LCS, but at least I can check out The Big Two’s goodies on-line. Marvel zombies – go here. DC die-hards go here, and check out their new site too. Looks like they’re focusing on Batman and Watchmen. No surprise there. Both cinematic adaptations are the talk of the town at the moment. They’ve also given themselves a new slogan – “The World’s Greatest Superheroes.” Just don’t tell Marvel EIC Joe Quesada that.

A few things that caught my eye from DC Comics are below, including Batman Confidential #22 by The Simpsons and Eli Stone writer, Andrew Kreisberg with art by Scott McDaniel and perty covers by Stephane Roux. It’s the start of a four ish story arc, detailing the first time Batman bought Joker into the custody of the Gotham City cops. I think that may very well be Superman editor Mike Carlin in the background.

There’s also the TPB of the long-delayed, much-hyped JLA/Avengers x-over from Kurt Busiek and George Perez. It’s a great tale for veterans and novices alike, with its detailed pencils and massive cast of characters.

From Marvel, the one-shot, Thor: The Truth of History by writer/artist Alan Davis has the Norse god and his friends travlling to ancient Egypt. Judging by the costume on the cover it looks like an adventure set in the hammer thrower’s early career.

Lastly, there’s She-Hulk #34. Not one of my usuals, but I’m a fan of PAD’s writing. The green glamazon’s title has a history of offering quirky tales and this looks like it could be fun. Writer Peter David, penciller Vincenzo Cucca and cover artist Mike Deodata Jr. launch a new arc, with the Lady Liberators, ie, Invisible Woman, Valkyrie and Thundra, helping the Hulk’s cousin in her new role as bounty-hunter. Watch out fellas!


Well, I’ve arrived safey at Naruto, I mean, Narita airport in Tokyo, after a 10 hour flight from Perth. It wasn’t really that bad. I spoke to a guy who just sold his Mt Hawthorn house for a cool $1.2 million and divides his time between the US, Perth and Japan. The youngest millionaire I’ve ever met. Infact, the only one. I managed to get some sleep during the flight and every time I woke up a different movie was showing. I thought I’d struggle to kill 6 hours at Narita, but so far, so good. I have my Starbucks, so I’m a happy man. There a number of us Aussies looking lost, so we just follow each other, like a group of brain-hungry zombies. Everyone at the airport speaks English and is very nice. I even had a free taste of scotch from a duty free shop. I’ll sleep well tonight!

I also saw a guy raeding the Buffy spin-off, Fray TPB and met another guy who once met my fave Superman actor, Christopher Reeve backstage when he was doing a play. Thank you Lord. I see the signs! I’ve managed to meet and have a few laughs with fellow passengers and hopefully I’ll make more on the way to LA, the finally, San Diego for Comic-Con.

The adventure continues…