I Have Arrived!

Phew. After 22 hours in the air and 14 hours waiting to get in the air, I have finally landed in San Diego. LAX was not what I expected. A bit dingy and not much to do, but they did have Starbucks – and The Killing Joke for sale at the book store. Anyway, here’s a few things I have learnt since flying here from Tokyo:

Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and a Half Men reads comics.

P is for Pooh (a Duty Free t-shirt)

My body hates me. I’m having coffee and scrambled eggs at 1am.

Narita Airport in Tokyo is huge. It took me almost 10 mins in the shuttle bus to flit between terminals. They also accept $US. All hail the mighty greenback!

The novelty of international travel is temporary at best.

Jetlag makes live jazz and Alvin and the Chipmunks’ music seem equally cool.

So, I’m at the YMCA now. The room is -interesting. I’m starting to teach the rats and cockraoches tricks. Then on my last day I’ll put them in a cage and take bets from my fellow nerds. Nah, it’s not that bad. A bed and a window with a view of sunlight are luxuries after 3 days of seeing neither. Wendy’s, NBC and 7-11 are all near me. I can’t believe I’m actually in America. Wow.

So, last night was the Preview Night for the Con. Massive, truly massive. The line was the biggest group of people I’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t for the quips (“Use your super-speed, you’ll get there faster,” and, “Don’t look back dude. You’ll get nauseous.”) I mighta thought I was witnessing a re-enactment from Exodus. It moved very quickly though and it took me longer to get to the end that I did staying in it.  All TPBs are half-price here, and that’s without any sale prices. I just bought an adorable Petey Parker exclusive figure, a Titans Companion 2 book and a Bizarro World HC, all for under $45. I also got a big bag of promo freebies. I’ve made friends. The accent helps and two new friends have already visited Perth.

I’ve also showed my Supes tat to 3 hotel staff as I waited for the regular free bus to the Con just outisde my door. So far, so good. My mobile and Mac’s internet don’t work though, so I’m using the hotel’s PC. How humiliating. At least it works. I’m going to have lunch now. Well, I can’t really call it that. Such terms became meaningless, as I’d usually be asleep now.