Time Bomb #1 Free

The fine folks at Wowio are giving away the first issue of Radical Publishing’s Time Bomb from Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Paul Gulacy. It’s WWII, time travelling action, it looks great and you can download it for free from their Facebook page.


A Bunch of Broken Frontier Stuff

There’s a few things up at Broken Frontier now with my name on them, including my review of an Aussie anthology, my interview with Lions, Tigers and Bears and The Phantom writer Mike Bullock and finally the latest issue of The Frontiersman.

The Mighty Thor by Fraction and Coipel

Thor is the man of the hour, or the year, and now has a new title. At least this series has promise, thanks to its creative team though. Here’s the skinny, and the two covers including a film focused one and an even better variant from artist Travis Charest. Artist Oliver Coipel helped relaunch Thor back in 2007 with a new series with writer J. Michael Straczynski, and Matt Fraction has been writing the current Thor series for a while. However that series will now be renamed Journey into Mystery, (by Kieron Gillen and Doug Braithwaite) the series that debuted Thor decades ago. Poor Thor. He’s getting shuffled around all over the place, just to make the most of becoming a movie star. Fair enough really. Find out more here.

Marvel Announces THE MIGHTY THOR By Fraction & Coipel

Prepare yourselves for a new Asgardian age with The Mighty Thor #1! In this all new ongoing series, from the superstar creative team of Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel, Thor must defend his homeworld of Asgard from Galactus! When Thor and Sif retrieve an artifact from deep within the World Tree, nobody expected the Silver Surfer to show up. And where the Sentinel of the Spaceways travels, Galactus is sure to follow! It’s the World Eater vs. Asgard in the explosive opening arc that’s great for new readers! No fan can miss this monumental new series that will redefine what it means to be the Odinson!

“The God of Thunder ain’t never been mightier than now!” exclaims writer Matt Fraction. “Everything is going beyond-epic in The Mighty Thor and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Olivier onboard for the book’s maiden voyage. Look up – think big – fight hard!”

“It’s a really exciting time to be working on Thor. A lot of things that have been developing over the last few months are about to come to fruition in a big way—and in a way that’s going to affect not only all of Asgard, but all of the Marvel U,” said Marvel Editor Charlie Beckerman. “With the release of Marvel Studios’ Thor this May, we wanted to be sure that we pulled out all the big guns. And I’m talking talent—Matt, Olivier, Mark and Laura—and I’m talking characters: I can’t say exactly who’s going to show up, but I will say that it will knock your socks clear off.”

The fate of the golden city of Asgard, the wonder of the nine realms, hangs in the balance and only Thor can ensure the survival of the Asgardians! What does the World Eater seek and what terrible outcome awaits the Mighty Avenger? Discover the answers you seek as Fraction and Coipel pull out all the stops in The Mighty Thor!



Pencils & Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL

Variant Cover by TRAVIS CHAREST

Variant Cover by WALT SIMONSON

Blank Variant Cover also available

Thor Movie Variant also available

Rated T+ …$3.99


Great Supergirl Gallery

Supergirl has had perhaps more incarnations than any other comics character, all with different visual interpretations. Abduzeedo have a nifty post on the character with pics from different artists, centred on the current incarnation of the classic superheroine – Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin.