Who Is Jake Ellis? #1 Review

My review of the first issue of Who Is Jake Ellis? is up now at Broken Frontier. Simply put – it’s awesome and you should buy it. From writer Nathan Edmondson, whose The Light mini was one of the highlights for me last year, it has great art by Tonci Zonjic, and it’s out now. So…get it!

Zorro Review

Up now at Broken Frontier is my review of a new Zorro comic. It’s Australian, which I’m always happy to see. A double sized debut issue with two tales, one of which has a surprisingly effective supernatural bent, it’s pretty entertaining. Here’s the site for publisher Silver Fox Comics, where you can see previews of the issue.

Kody Christian’s Minimalist Posters

Go to this Comics Alliance article to see some great works of design incorporating relevant words into funky pop culture centric prints such as Halo, Mega Man and Pokemon. Then go here to see artist Kody Christian’s site. That is all.

Oh, and you have to see his great take on Pac Man.

Great Opening Credits

Abduzeedo have a cool post on some of the film work of the collective known as Prologue. They design a lot of awesome movie opening credits, including Iron Man, Tron: Legacy, Sherlock Holmes, The Walking Dead and a whole lot more. Check out Abduzeedo’s post here and Prologue’s groovy site here to see their other work too including video games such as Metal Gear Solid 3 and Resistance 3.