Arrested Development via Peanuts

I just finished watching all 3 awesome seasons of Arrested Development, and I ran across this great pic online that reimagines the cast as characters from Peanuts. See more of artist Bill Mudron’s work here.

100 Scenes by Tim Gaze

A while ago I reviewed Australian artist Tim Gaze’s book, noology, after seeing his work in the wonderful Abstract Comics: The Anthology collection from Fantagraphics. Now Gaze has a new book out called 100 Scenes, which is best described below.

His latest work 100 Scenes is a contemporary resurrection of the Surrealist form known as “decalcomania”as pioneered in the 1930s by Oscar Dominguez and often used by Max Ernst. A resident of the Adelaide Hills town of Mt. Barker, Gaze is a prolific “visual poet” and inventor of his own brand of “glitch poetry”, a form of visual poetry with a similar sensibility to glitch music. In addition to making sound poetry and free form electronic music, Gaze has contributed to a number of small press poetry and art publications, and was recently included in an exhibition of asemic writing in Russia.

100 Scenes is a 106 page comic and can be bought as aPDF right here, with a print publisher/distributor currently in the works.

Proposed Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

Working with architects does have its advantages, I must say. In the myriad links I get sent daily, sometimes something blog worthy like this will crop up. It’s an article about a proposed museum dedicated to comics and cartoons in a huge space in Manhattan. It looks great, and is not to be confused with the current MoCCA in New York. I hope it gets made. Here’s the original article.

Comic or rather”graphic novel” fanatics will soon get to share their love with liked minded fellows and no I don’t mean Comic-Con. The proposed Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art MoCCA will sited on a 14000sq ft lot in Manhattan’s lower east side near the Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn and seeks to be a hub for the most comprehensive comic and cartoon art collection. The design proposal lists spaces for gallery, classrooms, café, retail, theater, lecture hall, IT/computer lab, offices, archives, workshops, library, conference and convention center and the idea to have a fully immersive environment. The project has been conceptualized by architects Reid Nystrom and Alessandro Ortiz and I can’t wait to see it take shape.