Free Eve: True Stories Comic

Free comics! Based on actual player driven stories from the huge EVE game, EVE: True Stories is certainly a novel concept, and now you can read the first issue for free.

Issue #1 of CCP Game’s Anticipated EVE: True Stories Graphic Novel

Available Now for Free Download via Dark Horse Digital 

CCP Games, the world’s leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games and creators of EVE Online, along with Dark Horse, are pleased to announce that the first issue of EVE: True Stories, “Thieves Among Us,” is now available as a free download from Dark Horse Digital or via the Dark Horse Android and iOS apps.

Issue #1 of the EVE: True Stories graphic novel dramatizes the opening throes of one of the greatest gaming stories of the last decade – the fall of the player alliance known as the Band of Brothers. Filled with action and intrigue, “Thieves Among Us” is inspired by actual player-driven events. Issue #1 is written by legendary writer Daniel Way (Wolverine: OriginsDeadpool) and features the artwork of Tomm Coker (Daredevil NoirNear Death) with cover art by David Palumbo (ALIENS, Heavy Metal). 

Future instalments of EVE: True Stories will arrive digitally on 5th March, 19thMarch and 2nd April 2014, via Dark Horse Digital.

The hardback prestige collected edition of EVE: True Stories, containing all four comics, will go on sale in book and comic book stores, 4th June, 2014. 



Read Letter 44 #1 For Free

A new series from Oni Press and writer Charles Soule and artist Alberto Jiminez Alburquerque entitled Letter 44 is now available to read for free. Well, the entire first issue anyway. The second issue is out now. io9 describe it thusly: the newest president is taken aback when he reads the letter from the man who preceded him — a man who seemed to tank the economy and embroil the nation in needless wars — but was actually secretly preparing America for an imminent alien invasion.

Letter 44 #1

Free Comic Book Day

Yep, it’s tomorrow! The annual tradition returns and there are 52 free comics on offer this Saturday. Here you can read my two part look at some of the options available to you.


Get To Know The Guardians Of The Galaxy – For Free!

Marvel are smart. They know that the announcement of next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy film was a surprise to many people, as even to us regular comics readers, the Guardians aren’t household names, but the diverse cosmic team, which includes a gun toting raccoon, and a talking tree has the potential to be as cool as The Avengers.

So, in order to get interest, and breed familiarity with the Guardians, Marvel are offering a four part bi-weekly series spotlighting each member, and it’s written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Michael Avon Oeming!

Get the first part, which focuses on Drax, here on ComiXology.

Free Drax Issue

Read Kyle Baker’s Best Work For Free

Writer/artist Kyle Baker is a legend in the comic book biz, having brought his great cartoony style and sense of humour to titles such as Plastic Man, and The Shadow. However, his creator owned work is what he’s most known for, and now you can read most of it – for free! Baker has put several OGNs in their entirety on his site, possible to gain more deserved exposure. You can now check out Why I Hate Saturn, Special Forces, Nat Turner, and KIng David.

The only one I’ve read is King David, which is great, although thanks to the acclaim all his work has received, I’m aware of all of them. King David is described thusly:
King David: David, a poor shepherd boy, becomes an unlikely superstar when he slays a villainous giant single handed. David’s sudden fame arouses the jealousy of evil King Saul, who mobilizes his entire army in an attempt to destroy the young hero. What follows is an epic adventure which inludes swordfights, chases on horseback, romance with multiple wives, suspense, corruption and betrayal.

King David OGN

Free Image Comics

Well, isn’t this nice? Yes. Yes it is.

Image Comics for Free at comiXology

Prices permanently slashed on 20 first issues

The first issues of many of the new series launched in the first half of Image Comics’ iconic twentieth anniversary year are now free at the digital distributor comiXology. The issues will remain free permanently, starting on August 24.

The free issues include the first issues of some of 2012’s best-selling comics, including SAGA #1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, FATALE #1 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra, THIEF OF THIEVES #1 by Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer, and Shawn Martinbrough, AMERICA’S GOT POWERS Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch, and MIND THE GAP #1 by Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo, and Sonia Oback.

The other free first issues are ALPHA GIRL #1, CREATOR-OWNED HEROES #1, DANCER #1, DANGER CLUB #1, EPIC KILL #1, GLORY #23 (first issue of the relaunch), GRIM LEAPER #1, HELL YEAH #1, HOAX HUNTERS #1, NO PLACE LIKE HOME #1, PETER PANZERFAUST #1, PLANETOID #1, PROPHET #21 (first issue of the relaunch), and SECRET #1.

Many of these titles have been or will soon be collected into trade paperbacks, making the free issues the perfect way for readers to sample new Image Comics titles before purchasing collections.

Grab DC’s FCBD Issues

If you missed DC Comics Free Comic Book Day offerings two weeks ago, now you can grab them both right here. There’s the New 52 comic, and the all-ages sampler. Go for it!

Whether in print or digital, these are two books you want in your collection. The New 52 FCBD Special Edition boasts an unbelievable creative team and a storyline that leads directly into next year’s major event, “The Trinity Wars.”

It also includes:

    • A cover by legendary artist Jim Lee, who also illustrated five interior pages—including a gorgeous, four-page gatefold.
    • An all-new story written by New York Times bestselling author Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Gene Ha and Kenneth Rocafort.
    • Exclusive preview material from DC COMICS–THE NEW 52 “Second Wave” titles, including BATMAN INCORPORATED, DIAL H, EARTH 2, G.I. COMBAT, THE RAVAGERS and WORLDS’ FINEST.

You can download the New 52 FCBD Special Edition right here.

Meanwhile, the all-ages DC Nation/Superman Family Adventures flipbook includes new kid-friendly stories from GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and YOUNG JUSTICE and a preview of the highly anticipated SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, from the Eisner-winning creative team behind TINY TITANS.

You can download the DC Nation/Superman Family Adventures flipbook here.

Grab Your Dark Horse FCBD Issues

If you missed Free Comic Book Day on May 5, you may be able to get some leftovers form your kind comics retailer. Otherwise, you can at least grab Dark Horse’s offerings this year as their two flipbooks are now available for download.


If you missed out on picking up your Free Comic Book Day comics at your local comic-book store, you can get them from Dark Horse Digital for a limited time!

Both Star Wars/Serenity and Buffy/The Guild will be available for free download on Dark Horse Digital starting today and running through the end of May.

Dark Horse Digital is available through all modern web browsers and features cloud storage in both the Android (beta) and iOS apps.

Make sure to check out these awesome titles from Dark Horse and support Free Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day has happened the first Saturday in May every year since 2002—ten years in the running!

For more information on Free Comic Book Day, visit

To find and support your local comic shop, visit


Extra Sequential Podcast #90-Grand Finale!

57 mins. Yes, it’s the big finish, our fond farewell, our last hurrah. In our most rambling episode yet, we talk about a bunch of comics, Turok, the master of sit-com theme songs, an awkward Italian song contest, David Bowie’s wife, Michael Jackson as Spider-Man, alternate cinematic realities, and much more! Fare thee well and thanks so much for listening!




You can email us at kris (at)extrasequential(dot)com and befriend us on the NEW ES Facebook page.

2:10 NEWS

Joss Whedon’s film Cabin in the Woods will actually get a limited theatrical run in Sydney and Melbourne

The Dark Knight Rises, and The Amazing Spider-Man trailers

Mark Waid’s comics website, Thrillbent launches

Charles Burns’ upcoming The Hive

Free Comic Book Day thoughts


Buffy Season 8 motion comic. A must for fans of the TV series.

Perfect Strangers: The Video Game. “Nothing’s gonna stop me now!”

Road to Perdition. Featuring a baddie Daniel Craig.

Archaia’s great Hard Cover freebie.

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. Blood, and stuff.

Daredevil Volume 1. Mark Waid, Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera bring the fun back to superhero stories.

The Cartoon Crier. Depressing, but free!

Showcase Presents The Spectre. 620 pages of righteous vengeance and criminals getting their gruesome comeuppance!

Free Comic Book Day 2012

It’s that time again! The annual, worldwide event that is Free Comic Book Day. Most comic shops take part, so why not see The Avengers and head on down, and bring a friend, or your kids, to discover the wonder of sequential art. Here’s a look at me with a few of this year’s goodies, and here’s a look at the dozens of comics available.

Three Free First Issues

At Newsarama you can read three debut issues from Image Comics and Top Cow. There’s the ever popular zombie series Walking Dead #1, sci-fi Red Spike #1 and crime drama Last Mortal #1.

Check them all out right here.

Free Knights, Pinocchio and Dragon

There’s usually free comics floating around the net. Here’s 3 recent, good ones.

Slave Labor Graphics are offering the first issue of their zombies in King Arthur’s court mashup series, Knights of the Living Dead. It’s by Dusty Higgins and Ron Wolfe, and the second digital issue is only 99c.

If you like Higgins’ artwork, then you can also grab the first issue of his and Van Jensen’s Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer: Of Wood and Blood right here. It’s also from Slave Labor Graphics and is being serialized digitally for now. This is the 3rd and final volume of what is a pretty good series.

Finally, the landmark 175th issue of Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon series is now free for anyone who has a log in. If you don’t have one for the digital comic store, now’s your chance, considering you’ll also get this double sized tale of the much loved heroic finhead.

Dark Horse FCBD 2011 Comics

Dark Horse are giving away digital copies of their Free Comic Book day offerings from the weekend. Yay!


 If you missed out on picking up your Free Comic Book Day comics at your local comic-book store, you can get them from Dark Horse Digital for a limited time!

Downloads will be available starting Wednesday, May 11, and run through the end of the month!

Just hop on any computer or Mac iOS device (iPod, iPad, iPhone), go to, or the iTunes app store and download the free Dark Horse Comics bookshelf app!

Both Criminal Macabre/Baltimore and Avatar: The Last Airbender/Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be available for free download!

Make sure you check out these awesome titles from Dark Horse and support Free Comic Book Day! Ten years in the running!

Free Comic Book Day 2011

It was another great Free Comic Book Day in my neck of the woods this year. I started the day at Comic Zone, who were taking part for the 2nd year running and although I was there only minutes after opening, there were quite a few other customers already there. The bevy of freebies were displayed in an “U” shape on their generous counter so everyone could easily see what was on offer.

Next up was Quality Comics who have taken part for a few years now. With their nifty sign out the front (created by one of their talented staff members I believe) showing Superman and Deadpool in the gear of their opposing publishers, and plenty of people inside, it looked to be another success. With staff wearing hats and this year’s cool FCBD shirts from artist Darwyn Cooke, there was quite the crowd, and lots of parents bringing their kids (some of whom even dressed up as their fave superheroes). The freebies were all displayed on a large board behind the counter, and QC even had people dressed up and promoting the event with flyers in the streets of Perth. Passers by seemed to dig this and take a few photos with them. I saw a few teens dressed up as anime characters and also ran in to Batman and Batgirl.

Last on my journey was Empire Toys. This marks their 4th FCBD and their first in their swanky new location (only metres from their old place, but a lot better). Again, there were heaps of people and a few youngens. Their freebies were wisely numbered and displayed on the counter, so instead of asking, “Can I please have the Super Dinosaur Origin Special?”, they can just ask, “Number 8 please.” Makes sense.

I already had quite a few of the almost 40 (!) freebies on offer this year, but still picked up another 7 new ones today, such as DC’s Young Justice/ Batman: Brave and the Bold, and the all-ages issues from both Oni Press and Top Shelf, all for my nephew. Free Comic Book Day is such an awesome idea and it’s great to see retailers and publishers embracing it. It’s events like this that get the comic curious in to their nearest comic shop, some perhaps for the first time. Hopefully those newbies will become dedicated comics readers, well on their way to discovering the joys of sequential art. Thankfully, all 3 shops mentioned above are all on Hay Street in Perth, Western Australia and although I went to all of them early this morning, they all had more people in them than I usually see. High fives all round!