DC Lower Prices and Return Letters Pages

Announced late last year was the fact that both Marvel and DC were making some of their comics cheaper, dropping selected titles from $4 to $3, which is a considerable discount when you think about it. DC now have some snazzy promo art, and a catchy tagline for the initiative, as well as an unnecessary website, but basically all 32 page ongoing books will now be $2.99, even though they had to drop 2 story pages to make it happen.

DC are warming up to jaded and nostalgic fanboys with one more scheme too. They’re bringing back letters pages. Yay! This is good news as evidenced by this and more amusingly, this. DC phased them out in 2002 as that internet fad began and fanboys and girls filled up more message boards and forums than you can imagine.  DC’s co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio talk about these initiatives here and you can send in you letter right here.

Star Wars on Blu-Ray in September

Just announced at the CES conference is the long awaited news that the Star Wars films will be available in September on Blu-Ray. There’s no news as to the special features,beyond 30 hours of extras, but all 6 films will be available, as a whole saga or  as individual trilogies. The saga is 9 discs which consists of 6 discs (1 for each film) plus 3 extras of bonus material. If any film series will have awesome extras, it’s got to be Star Wars. This will definitely be on my buy list.

It’s available for pre-order at Amazon now.