Archaia, AdHouse and More

The bloggers at Robot 6 are celebrating their second year at Comic Book Resources, and just like last year are taking over CBR’s front page. There’s some great features on there now including a revealing interview with the people behind Archaia’s best selling books of 2010, Mouse Guard and Return of the Dapper Men.

Similarly there’s a chat with Chris Spitzer from indie publisher AdHouse.

There’s an interview with Dan Abnett who’s co-writing Marvel’s new Heroes For Hire series.

There’s more goodies at CBR too, so check it out.

Unrelated to Robot 6’s anniversary is Greg Burgas’ always entertaining look at the Previews catalogue, this time for March’s goodies. I haven’t picked up my Previews yet, but will do when I return to work this week. It’s always a pleasure flipping through the pages.

Street Fighter Ultimate Editions

From publisher Udon are two updated TPBs of Street Fighter comics, with a heap of new extras. Udon’s work is always visually dazzling and accessible, and of course, any SF fans will find them irresistible. From Udon’s blog, here are the details.


– collects Street Fighter #0-14, including all backup stories & covers.

– plus bonus stories from Newtype Magazine and the Capcom Summer Special, and “Cheap Shots” comedy strips.

– this new printing features a new Dark Ryu cover!

– featuring the art of Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, Long Vo, and Omar Dogan!

– guest stories by Joe Madureira, Adam Warren, Hyung-Tae Kim, and more!





– collects Street Fighter II #0-6, including all backup stories & covers, and comedy strips.

– collects the main story from Street Fighter II Turbo #1-12, plus the Turbo prelude story from Street Fighter Remix #0

– featuring the art of Alvin Lee and  Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz!

– guest stories by Skottie Young, Arnold Tsang, Chris Stevens, and more!





NASA Hates 2012 and Likes Blade Runner

The science gurus at NASA have named disaster film 2012 as the most unrealistic sci-fi film, ever. No surprise really. According to this article, “The agency is getting so many questions from people terrified that the world is going to end in 2012 that we have had to put up a special website to challenge the myths. We have never had to do this before.”

Hah, classic. They also name Armageddon, The Core and others in their list of films that take huge liberties with true science. However they do give thumbs up to Blade Runner and Gattaca. I wonder what they think about Demolition Man.