Daomu To The West

Press release below about Image bringing a popular, new Chinese comic to a Western audience. Curiously though, there’s no mention of the creator/s involved, not even on the cover. However it must be pretty awesome if Image swooped on it so quickly.

Image Comics and Concept Art House Bring China’s Best-Selling Daomu Series to the U.S.

First issue to arrive in stores this December

Image Comics and Concept Art House announced plans to release a series of Daomu comics based on one of China’s best-selling novel series. This will be Daomu’s debut in the U.S., following a successful graphic novel launch in China earlier this year. The upcoming comic book series is the first of several Daomu releases planned to include games, an animated series, and a feature film.

Daomu, which translates to “tomb raider,” explores an underground world that has been active in China for thousands of years. After witnessing his father’s violent murder, Sean Liu discovers that his family belongs to a secret society of tomb raiders. Led by his uncle, Sean joins an elite team of Daomu to go deep underground in search of answers. Who are they? Who—or what—killed Sean’s father? And what horrors await beneath the earth’s surface? With a distinctive digital art style and high-energy adventures steeped in Chinese tradition and superstition, the comic series will follow Sean’s coming of age as a modern-day tomb raider and his quest to uncover the truth behind his father’s death.

The Daomu Bi Ji or “tomb raider’s journal” novel series on which the comics are based has become a sensation in China since its debut in 2007, reaching well over 20 million fans. Concept Art House, a leading digital art and entertainment company with a focus on transmedia storytelling, is responsible for the popular novel’s conversion to graphic format. Their first Daomu graphic novel released in Asia in early 2010 and quickly secured the #2 spot on Dangdang.com, China’s leading ecommerce website. Though Western audiences have long embraced Japanese comics and cartoons, Daomu’s arrival in the U.S. is a first for a high-profile Chinese entertainment property.

“The quality of comics in China is exceptional,” says Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. “Daomu is no exception. Daomu has exemplary digital art and an outstanding story. We’re excited to be bringing this amazing graphic novel to the United States for its first English translation.”

“American comics are extremely popular among Chinese comic book fans due to their great stories and amazing artwork. We believe the American audience will love Daomu for the same reasons,” says James Zhang, Concept Art House’s CEO. “Image is a great partner, not only because they understand quality art and story, but also because they truly respect the creator’s vision. We’re thrilled to be working with Image to introduce Daomu to the U.S.”

Intended for readers ages 13 and up, the first Daomu comic book will release this winter. To learn more, visit Image Comics at http://www.imagecomics.com.

DCUO Trailer

Sony’s new DC Universe Online multiplayer game will finally be released in November. I’ve often thought that a CGI superhero film would be the way to truly capture the grandeur of the comics, as it sells the fantasy much more easily. A live action adaptation means studios are more inclined to forego spandex in favour of more realistic leather costumes, but a CGI film would  make that redundant. A look at the new trailer below and you’ll know what I mean. Epic battles, drama and costumed characters fighting each other without holding back. Awesome stuff. Watch the trailer all the way to the end so it makes more sense.

All About The Avengers

That was the focus of events at Comic Con today, apart from an incident in which someone was stabbed in the eye with a pen earlier during the day. Samuel L. Jackson introduced the now official cast of the Avengers film, including new members Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) as archer Hawkeye, Mark Ruffalo (Shutter Island) as Bruce Banner, and fan fave director Joss Whedon. Also below is the new logo for the 2012 film, as well as the Destroyer suit of armour seen on the Con floor that will be seen in next year’s Thor film.

Young Justice Cartoon Sneak Peek

I have to admit, I’m getting more excited about DC’s new animated series and films than I am about most of their comics these days. Just screened at Comic Con was this little gem; a behind the scenes look at the new Young Justice series, with producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. With the new Aqualad, plus less familiar characters to outsiders, such as Artemis, Miss Martian and Speedy/Red Arrow, this looks set to be a ‘toon for older viewers than Batman: The Brave and the Bold. What’s interesting about this series is a 16 strong Justice League, a new DC Universe (Superman has only been around for a decade) and a teen cast, some of whom will die. Plus the sleek designs look similar to those in the recent Crisis on Two Earths film.

New Tron Legacy Trailer

Unveiled at Comic Con is the brand new trailer for Tron Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 classic. The film stars original actors Jeff Bridges (in both current and de-aged forms) and Bruce Boxleitner and opens December 16. The more I see from this film, the more excited I get.

Comic Movie News

It’s no surprise that big reveals of upcoming comic films are being shown before, and as, San Diego Comic Con starts today. Below are pics of Abin Sur from next year’s Green Lantern film. He’s the dying alien that gives his power ring to Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds. See more photos here.

Here’s a pic of muscular Aussie Chris Hemsworth as Thor in next year’s film, as he retrieves his powerful hammer Mjolnir.

Finally here’s a teaser for The Goon animated film, based on the Dark Horse series from Eric Powell. It stars Paul Giammati (Sideways, Shoot ‘Em Up) as sidekick Frankie and is apparently directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Panic Room).

The Light #4 Review

My review of the penultimate issue of this excellent mini-series from Image is now up at Broken Frontier. Every issue has been a winner.