Epic Star Wars Gallery

One of the growing number of sites I visit daily, Coolvibe is a great place to see awesome art from all over the place. Now up is a collection of 40 Star Wars pics from games, parodies and promos. Feed your eyeballs right here.

Lex Luthor, Meet Death

The last few weeks have seen internet murmurs about the walls between DC and Vertigo slowly breaking down, perhaps as the new DC Entertainment seeks to put all its diverse characters under one proud roof. Now, at CBR a short, but interesting interview with British (and recent DC exclusive) writer Paul Cornell about his just begun tenure on Action Comics sheds a little light on it. It’s DC’s longest running series, with Detective Comics close behind, and the fact that Lex Luthor is now the book’s star, rather than Superman, is surprising enough. However, Neil Gaiman’s much loved character Death will be showing up in Action Comics #894 in October. This could just be crazy enough to work. I must admit that last week’s first Cornell (with artist Pete Woods) ish on AC was grand and full of cool, wow moments. Starring Lex Luthor and not a Superman in sight.¬†Who’da thought?