Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 Release Party

I discovered sadly last week that the final volume of the fun Scott Pilgrim series from Oni Press will not be available in Australia! Man, frustrating. The reason? The movie. Yep, because the long awaited film is due out next month, licensing has changed, meaning not only can Aussie comic shops not order the final Pilgrim volume, they can’t even get the previous volumes. As I can imagine, it must be a real let down to not only Oni but also Oz LCSs. I don’t know if other countries suffer the same fate, but the same thing also happened to the Kick-Ass comics, leading some Oz shops to order multiple copies of the Kick-Ass HC online.

Oni will undoubtedly get a lot of mileage from the film of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s great comic, but us international fans want more! To Amazon, it is then. For those who are in America, you might want to head out to Atomic Comics tomorrow night for an early release. Details below for keen fans.