Amazing Spider-Man #639 Variant Cover

I gotta give it to Marvel EIC, and now CCO, Joe Quesada – he knows what the people want, most of the time. Whether it’s (hopefully) somehow reversing the unpopular Bran New Day storyline that made Peter Parker a swinging bachelor, or giving us some gorgeous cover art. For next month’s ASM #69, Quesada gives us both. I like the billboard for the much-delayed Spidey Broadway musical in the top left too.

Marvel Unveils Joe Quesada’s New ONE MOMENT IN TIME Variant Cover

Marvel is proud to unveil the jaw-dropping variant cover to Amazing Spider-Man #639, the second chapter of the hotly-anticipated “One Moment In Time”! Written by Marvel’s EiC and CCO Joe Quesada and featuring art from the dynamic duo of Quesada and superstar Paolo Rivera, Amazing Spider-Man #639brings readers the answers that they’ve been demanding. What really happened at the wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane? Will the answers come with a cost – and should readers be worried for the ones Peter Parker holds dear? Find out in Amazing Spider-Man #639!




Written by JOE QUESADA


Spidey Sundays backup by STAN LEE & MARCOS MARTIN


Variant Cover by JOE QUESADA

Rated A …$3.99 (each)

FOC—7/15/10, On-Sale—8/4/10

Scratch9 #2 Preview

Behind the awesome Mike Kunkel cover of September’s Scratch9 #2 lies the tale of Scratch’s secret life as a Pharoah’s cat. Good all-ages fun from Ape Entertainment’s new KiZoic imprint, which is also putting new DreamWorks comics on the shelves. Here’s the official skinny, as seen in the current July Previews catalogue:

W) Rob M. Worley
(A) Jason T. Kruse

Scratch has escaped Dr. Schrodinger but his friends are still in the clutches of the C.R.U.E.L. Corporation. Can even his past incarnations as Bektah (the Pharaoh’s cat) and Ichirou (the Shaolin cat) save them? And what’s this? Not all his other lives are from the past! New paw-sibilities this issue!

And for an added bonus, here’s a cheeky homage to Wonder Woman’s controversial new costume.

Unknown God

The fourth and final book from writer/artist Robert Luedke’s biblical adaptations is now available. His Eye Witness series has received some impressive mainstream exposure, and awards, and it’s awesome to see something that’s only biblically accurate but also entertaining. You can see more of Unknown God right here.

Here’s the official description:

Just when it appeared forensic Archeologist, Dr. Terry Harper, had safely made it back to U.S. soil, he’s assassinated by a sniper’s bullet. Meanwhile, back in the first century, the Apostle Paul has been stoned to death in the village of Lystra. It appears the tale of the eyewitness has finally come to an end…if not for the power and mystery of The Unknown God.

In this fourth and final book of the Award-Winning Eye Witness graphic novel series, Harper’s allies make one final attempt to reveal to the world the existence of the Gospel of Joseph of Arimathea, while Harper himself become an unwitting witness to the first century trial of the Apostle Paul by the Roman Senate.

Unknown God takes the reader through a full color, fully illustrated roller-coaster ride that features the intertwining of a modern day action-thriller with an unprecedented adaptation of the Book of Acts. In this final volume of the Eye Witness series, both Dr. Harper and the reader will finally learn the reason why he’s been chosen to become a modern day eyewitness to events that occurred 2,000 years in the past.