Plastic Man and Starro at Comic Con

I’ve been to the biggest English language pop culture event that is San Diego Comic-Con for the last 2 years. I met lots of great people, spent a lot of money and had a blast. I won’t be going this year because well, it isn’t cheap to fly there and stay for a week. It’s only a fortnight away, and the schedule has been announced, as have the exclusives, such as these 2 beauties from Mattel. The Plastic Man figures comes in a box shaped like him. He also has interchangeable stretchy arms and other accessories, and has sunglasses that can actually be worn by non-mallebale buyers. The figure will be available at Mattel’s site after the Con, but not for us Aussies and New Zealanders. Bummer.

Also available at the Con is a Starro figure, the kind of villain (huge evil starfish) that only comic book writers of the ’60s could concoct. The packaging is a nod to the classic Starro/JLA debut cover and features the voice of Kevin Conroy, ie, the animated Batman. The video makes it look cooler.

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