The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

No, I didn’t make that title up and no Alan Moore’s not appearing on So You Think You Can Dance.

From John M.Chu, who made Step Up 3D, comes this rather unique blend of two hot ticket items in pop culture at the moment – young people dancing and young people being superheroes. Apparently 3 series have already been filmed and the first episode is now live for U.S residents on Hulu. LXD follows two rival dance teams who discover their powers as they dance, whether it be hip hop, ballet and so on. The dancers have performed at this year’s Oscars and during the live Glee tour, so obviously they know their stuff.

New episodes will be released on Wednesday (just like new comics). Initial reaction was cringe inducing laughter, but after watching the trailer, many, including myself, are intrigued.

Brightest Day #5 Preview

Courtesy of DC’s blog, here’s a few pages from this week’s Brightest Day installment, in which the once-dead heroes (and villains) who rose from the grave at the end of the Blackest Night saga look for answers as to their resurrections. It’s good to see the original Aquaman back in action. He’s always been one of DC’s most underrated heroes.