All About The Avengers

That was the focus of events at Comic Con today, apart from an incident in which someone was stabbed in the eye with a pen earlier during the day. Samuel L. Jackson introduced the now official cast of the Avengers film, including new members Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) as archer Hawkeye, Mark Ruffalo (Shutter Island) as Bruce Banner, and fan fave director Joss Whedon. Also below is the new logo for the 2012 film, as well as the Destroyer suit of armour seen on the Con floor that will be seen in next year’s Thor film.

Comic Movie News

It’s no surprise that big reveals of upcoming comic films are being shown before, and as, San Diego Comic Con starts today. Below are pics of Abin Sur from next year’s Green Lantern film. He’s the dying alien that gives his power ring to Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds. See more photos here.

Here’s a pic of muscular Aussie Chris Hemsworth as Thor in next year’s film, as he retrieves his powerful hammer Mjolnir.

Finally here’s a teaser for The Goon animated film, based on the Dark Horse series from Eric Powell. It stars Paul Giammati (Sideways, Shoot ‘Em Up) as sidekick Frankie and is apparently directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Panic Room).

Not Going To Comic-Con?

Me neither. I’ve been the last 2 years, but it’s not a cheap trip with the flight, hotels and week-long spending frenzy, so I’ll take a rain check until next year. If, however, you want something else to pass the time apart from catching up on all the big announcements, you can check out Puzzle Hub. As the name states, it’s a website with themed puzzles, crosswords and the like. The week of July 21-27 (when the Con is on) the site will be running pop culture and comic themed puzzles for those seeking to dust the cobwebs off their mind, if not their wallet.

If you’re a US resident it gets even better for the Con-absent, as the press release below from Dark Horse states.

On July 24th fifty-five comic book shops across the country will host unique parties in conjunction with ChinaShop Magazine and Dark Horse Comics to celebrate the highly dedicated culture of sequential art during the weekend of San Diego Comic-Con.

Branded #NotAtComicCon, based on the Twitter hash-tag those unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con have been using, fifty-five participating stores will create a fun and creative atmosphere where free drinks and over $200 worth of Dark Horse prizes will be available. In addition, Dark Horse Comics will make an exclusive announcement to fans at participating stores before releasing the special information to crowds in San Diego.

Fans looking to participate in the unprecedented, nation-wide event can find a comic book shop in their area on the following site:

Plus, during the week of July will feature interviews with well-established comic creators who aren’t attending San Diego Comic-Con to get their insight into the larger community rarely talked about in mainstream news outlets.

Fans are also encouraged to use the hash-tag “#notatcomiccon” when talking about the event to show the world the fun comic fans have even outside the largest pop-culture convention. For more updates, follow @notatcomiccon and @chinashopmag on Twitter.