Green Lantern’s Movie Costume

And with one image the collective hopes of fanboys deflate. With Ryan Reynolds, a comic-conscious celebrity on board as test pilot Hal Jordan and enthusiastic comic scribe Geoff Johns behind the scenes, many had huge expectations for next year’s Green Lantern film to be faithful to the rich DC source material. That could still be true, but today’s image (the first official one) of the man in costume shows an altered version of one of the best costumes in comics. It’s all made via CGI and this sinewy look could just be Hal’s ring generated costume in mid-transformation, or maybe his rookie duds, with the more familiar comic costume being shown on screen after Hal’s acceptance into the GL Corps. However if that’s the case would they really release an unfinished look on the cover of a very popular magazine? Maybe, but if the film makers are paying attention to internet reaction, they’ll realise it’s not too late to change it and get fans back on their side.

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