No, I’m Not Making This Up

Coming in September from those crazy cats at Bluewater Productions are the following two items. Can’t say I blame them. They’ve had huge success with their Female Force and Political Power one-shots, and some impressive mainstream coverage too.












OPRAHThe Bo Obama issue is described thusly:

You wouldn’t believe how much trouble one little pooch could be, but when that pup is the First Dog of the United States, there’s no telling what he might get into. Join Bo as he takes you on an insiders look at the White House where you’ll soon discover who is the real “Top Dog” in Washington.

while Oprah’s foray into comics is described below.

Actress, Producer, Entrepreneur, and talk show queen.  She turned her wounds into wisdom and survived an abusive family to become one of the most powerful and influential people in the world.  See the humble beginnings of Oprah Winfrey.

Obviously someone’s buying these as they keep making them. I guess it’s good for comics in the long run, but I kinda think it’s probably naive collectors snapping them up and boxing them with their cutlery with pictures of the royal family on them.

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