Walter Koenig At Bluewater

Joining Star Trek veteran William Shatner as a comic creator at Bluewater is Walter Koenig. Lowdown below.


Known to Star Trek fans everywhere as Ensign Pavel Chekov, Walter Koenig has chosen his next frontier to be captured in the pages of a comic book.

The noted actor, writer and director recently completed a deal with independent comic publisher Bluewater Productions to pen a new, limited mini-series as well as redistribute an earlier comic book project into a graphic novel.

“I’m very pleased to be on board with Bluewater. I anticipate an exciting professional relationship and the opportunity to tell stories with style and artistry,” Koenig said.

According to Koenig, the mini-series will present a fresh perspective on a post-apocalyptic world in which vampires are the dominant species. Cover by GMB Chomichuk and interiors by Nathan Ooten.

“It’s quite epic,” Darren G. Davis, Bluewater Publisher said. “Fans of the genre might think they have seen this premise before, but Koenig’s vision for this is unique, creative and impactful. I am very excited to be a part of this project.”

In addition to the four-issue release, tentatively scheduled to debut next spring, Bluewater will be repackaging Koenig’s first foray into comics; a three-issue series called Raver. The comic books, originally published in the early 1990’s at Malibu Comics, should hit comic book stores and online outlets in 2011 with new material. A new cover was done by Gregg Paulsen.

Raver follows the trials of a reality-bending hero whose psychotic episodes create a nightmare world with real villains and victims. And Norman Walters (Raver) moves from one twisted reality to the next trying to return to his original safe and stable existence.

Koenig’s entertainment career has spanned more than five decades. Gaining fame as the aforementioned Chekov in the original Star Trek series, Koenig has appeared in more than 100 roles in television and movies including the recurring villain Alfred Bester on sci-fi favorite Babylon 5. He is also a respected screenwriter and stage director.

Death and the Frenemy’s Claw

Here’s a quick look at some new indie series.

Death Ship from IDW is a 4 issue mini-series based on an untold story from Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula. Behind Cliff Nielsen’s spooky cover I was pleasantly surprised to some equally moody art. Being printed on slightly rougher paper, with muted colours by Dom Regan, means that Death Ship will carry you to its 1897 setting with ease. Stuart Sayger’s artwork is like a more refined Bill Sienkiewicz or Klaus Janson. His work is suitably sketchy, yet equally enchanting and fits beautifully within the old world setting, which is filled with tough as nails sailors with manly beards. Sayger knows when to fill the pages with simplicity, which adds great tension to Gary Gerani’s script. The first few pages initially seem like a bland tale of sailors vs the sea; the kind of film you catch in black and white on a lazy Sunday arvo on TV, but it soon reveals itself to be something more, as a sinister force lurks about their vessel. There’s a boy, a tough veteran, a wise captain and a scared priest, but it all works well, plus the art is awesome. I’m thankful for comic moments like this, when I pick something by blind faith and it proves to be better than expected.

The Claw and the Fang. This new series has great covers, and that’s what intrigued me. That, plus the preview art looked unusual – in a good way. Bluewater Productions have become known as of late for their bio comics on stars of the moment, but that’s not all that they produce. This issue begins with Justin, a hardcore gamer losing his job before crossing to Outer Mongolia where a witch summons a huge, hooded demon to serve her. From then on it moves quickly, as Justin gets fed up with the MMORPG he’s invested his life in, and the supernatural world and his dull existence collide. There’s a slight awkwardness, as this hurriedly takes place and it would’ve benefitted from an extra few pages, but this debut ish has laid enough seeds to hopefully bear fruit in the remaining issues. Michael Kutcher’s script is filled with great captions that carry the tale without revealing too much just yet, and Matias Basla’s angular art lends a refreshing design to the pages. The sparse use of colour is a great addition to the mainly earthen look too.

Frenemy of the State has its Hollywood tongue planted firmly in its cheek and is an unashamedly fun adventure. It’s written by actress Rashida Jones (The Office, Parks and Recreation), Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis and comes to us from Oni Press. Opening with a quick account of protagonist Ariana Von Holmberg’s life in the spotlight (via Twitter snapshots) as she attends an Alice in Wonderland theme party, we soon learn that she’s not just a dumb heiress, but a well educated woman. She also seems to know her way around hi-tech security systems, but with all those skills, she’s still not above seeking revenge on a cheating lover. The script is rather obvious from that point on, as she becomes a C.I.A recruit. The odd flashback transition comes from nowhere, when all that’s needed was a simple caption, but otherwise, the issue is fine. It’s not a remarkable debut, but the central concept leaves a lot of room for story possibilities. Jeff Wamester’s art is light, with a slight Kevin Nowlan approach and the simple feel adds to the bubbliness of the story. It’s not hilarious by any means, but fans of pop culture with an awareness of celebrity obsessed media will find this likeable enough.

Bluewater’s Jesus Comic Preview

Out this month is a one-shot from Bluewater focused on Jesus. There’s a few random preview pages below. The art’s better than I anticipated and the visual interpretation of Satan as a He-Man villain is interesting, but the approach at light humour, I’m unsure of.

Author(s): Don Smith
Artist(s) Jacob Bear
Cover Artist(s): cover by Mike S. Miller

Bluewater Productions has pioneered and popularized the “bio-comic” genre with its series “Female Force” and “Political Power.” Now Bluewater will make history again as it tackles the life of, arguably the most famous person in history, Jesus Christ.  The book  highlights different aspects of the life of Christ to show that Jesus of Nazareth was more than just a great man in history, but proof of a providential force at work in the universe.

The Week In Pictures Feb 14 2010

Last week I revealed Andy Kubert’s covers for the first two issues of the upcoming Return of Bruce Wayne storyline. Now here’s the remaining 4.

Oh yeah, a time-travelling Batman just screams cool to me. On an unrelated note, Bluewater Productions continue to churn out  bio comics for the curious, as evidenced by their May offerings.

and available (and on sale) from Feb 16 from Mattel on their Matty Collector on-line store are a few updated He-Man figures for those nostalgic Gen Xers, as well as The Dark Knight and Justice League Unlimited figures.

The Claw and Fang Preview

Bluewater may just be getting more success (besides their never ending bio titles) with this intriguing prospect. Interior pages from April’s debut issue below, plus some groovy concept art can be seen here.


Film maker, Michael Kutcher debuts his first stint into the comic book world this April with “The Claw and Fang.”

Kutcher is new to creating comics, driven by his experience working on two feature films, “Bulletface” directed by Albert Pyun and “Kung Fu Joe” directed by Glen Berry, he wanted to move away from the production process over to the creative side. Matias Basla draws the gritty series “The Claw and The Fang” with covers by Dan Brereton, GMB Chomichuk and Steve Babb.

“The Claw and Fang” is a modern action drama with gothic horror elements. The characters are pulled from many of Kutcher’s real life experiences and that personal relationship adds greatly to the story.

The four-issue story arch begins in the present with Justin, a 21-year old warehouse worker, who has given up on life in the real world choosing to live in a virtual one where he is a natural leader. Other important characters are Noro, a demon summoned back to Earth after being banished to the Darkness for thousands of years; and the Firewoman, the last shaman of the old ways who forces Justin to confront his destiny and save us all.

“The Claw and Fang” will be released as a four book series through Bluewater starting in April 2010.

To learn more about “The Claw and Fang” go to

Bluewater’s March Goodies

Those crazy cats at Bluewater Productions keep pumping out comics on celebrities, and I can’t blame them. Here’s the latest two new comics for release in March, focused on Bill Clinton and Ellen Degeneres. Sounds like a sit-com just waiting to happen!.

Political Power: Bill Clinton
Author(s): Robert Schnakenberg
Artist(s) David McNeil
Cover Artist(s): cover by Vinnie Tartamella
They call him Bubba, the Big Dog, Slick Willie, and the Man from Hope. Everyone’s got an opinion about Bill Clinton, but how well do we really know him? Take a fresh look at the life and career of America’s 42nd president, from his hardscrabble Arkansas childhood to the days of triumph and turmoil in the Oval Office and beyond.

Female Force: Ellen Degeneres
Author(s): Sandra C. Ruckdeschel
Artist(s) Pedro Ponzo
Cover Artist(s): cover by Viinie Tartamella
Ellen DeGeneres is taking the world by storm!  Emmy’s!  Endless accolades!  It all seems so easy, but Ellen’s journey to get where she is now was not always a smooth one. She’s felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But through it all, she managed to stay true to herself and prove that she is a female force to be reckoned with!

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Preview

Before the Twilight sequel, New Moon hits the screens in mid-November, here’s a preview of the biographical comic about the novelist behind the magic – Stephenie Meyer. I’m one of the few fanboys who didn’t mind Twilight and I certainly don’t think the stars and its many fans, “ruined Comic-Con,” this year. The more people that maybe get exposed to comics, the better. I always thought Kristen Stewart would be a star one day too as I’ve seen her in indie flicks and popcorn films over the years. I am looking forward to New Moon, but I can wait for the DVD.

Anyway, here’s a few random pages of the Meyer bio comic from Bluewater Productions, which arrives on November 11. At least Meyer seems to have faith and talent. Boo to you Dan Brown! Underneath the pics is the official info from Bluewater.


Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-01

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-05

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-11

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-13

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-14

The Diamond Comics order codes are:

$3.99 – comic book SEP090667

$6.99 -graphic novel version – SEP090668

Call your local comic book store to order.

Female Force: Stephenie Meyer

From a dream to a string of best sellers to a successful movie franchise, Stephenie Meyer has captured the imagination of millions with her stories about a young girl and her vampire lover. Now the tables are turned as Stephenie Meyer becomes the featured protagonist in a special Female Force doubled-sized one shot. Female Force: Stephenie Meyer, released just in time for the upcoming movie sequel based on her book “New Moon,” examines her rise to popularity, her Twilight saga novels and her future plans. This book will also include the history of Forks; the Washington peninsula town where her stories take place as well as other bonus material not found anywhere else.

Ted Kennedy Comic

Bluewater’s success with its Political Power series of biographical one-shots continues. This is their latest, as announced yesterday. Depending on your point of view, this is either very good, or very bad timing for Bluewater, considering today’s news of Kennedy’s death. Here’s the official skinny.


TED KENNEDYTed Kennedy spent a lifetime in politics and in the spotlight of the public eye. In November, the “Lion of the Senate” will be the featured subject on an upcoming issue of Bluewater Productions’ Political Power biography comic series.

Considered by many to be the voice of the modern Democratic Party, Edward “Ted” Kennedy triumphed over tragedy and scandal to carve out a legacy that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with his celebrated brothers President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy.

Political Power: Ted Kennedy, scheduled for release in November, examines Kennedy’s eventful life from his youthful competition with his brothers and dealing with their untimely deaths, to the Chappaquiddick scandal that nearly destroyed his career; his failed bid for the presidency in 1980, and his distinguished career in the Senate.

“You might not agree with his views. But you have to agree that Ted Kennedy is an American icon of politics,” said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis. He noted that although it is not the first issue of “Political Power” to be published, Political Power: Ted Kennedy was one of the first biographies approved for production.

The issue, authored by Brent Sprecher, was illustrated by Alejandro Figueroa. The cover art was provided by Patricio Carbajal.

“We could have filled several volumes with his accomplishments and failures,” Sprecher said. “However, in 23 pages, I think we created an objective and insightful portrait of Senator Kennedy and his impact on the national landscape.”

The comic book series, launched in July with a feature on former-Secretary of- State and retired four-star general Colin Powell, includes biographies on Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and several others.

“Like its sister title Female Force, Political Power strives to tell even-handed stories of the individuals responsible for shaping the American way of life,” Davis added.

Michael Jackson Tribute Comic

Darren G. Davis at Bluewater Productions knows when he’s on a good thing. His weekly blog (though it hasn’t been lately) is always painfully honest about the workings of the comics industry and the frustrations he feels as an indie publisher. Branching out to make comics based on Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana, Barack Obama, and even his dog Bo has garnered him some mainstream attention though, and he keeps churning them out, as this quick release reveals.



To millions he was the King of Pop; one of the world’s most cherished entertainers and a celebrated international icon. With his untimely passing, Michael Jackson left an extraordinary and tragic legacy. Bluewater Productions is paying tribute in October to his memory and legacy with a special collectors edition biography comic.

The newest addition to the publisher’s critically acclaimed biography library will trace Jackson’s rise as a musical prodigy with the “Jackson 5” through last Thursdays sad end. The book will feature highlights from his storied career and cover his enigmatic private life.

“Michael Jackson’s music served as the soundtrack to countless lives…including mine,” said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis, “His influence on our culture has been profound.”

“TRIBUTE: Michael Jackson, King of Pop,” features a wraparound cover and foreword by “The Official Michael Jackson Fan Club’s” Giuseppe Mazzola. Mazzola was also Jackson’s personal friend.  The issue is being written by Wey-Yuih Loh, (Political Power: Colin Powell” and “Political Power: Joe Biden) and illustrated by Giovanni Timpano (Vincent Price Presents). Noted cover artist Vinnie Tartamella will also provide an alternate wraparound cover.

“This is a celebration of his life and what he meant to a legion of fans,” Davis said. “Although the book won’t shy away from some of his personal troubles, we try to tell a balanced story that shows Jackson as a musical genius, an unparalleled superstar and as a complex person.”  

Michael Jackson Comic ADavis noted that he initially waffled at producing a tribute comic, but after receiving dozens of emails and phone calls he knew it was the proper way to show respect and give fans a lasting remembrance.

In recent months, Bluewater has become one of the leading producers of biography comics. Launched earlier this year, Bluewater’s “Female Force” has featured influential women such as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Princess Diana, Sarah Palin and Oprah Winfrey. A follow-up series, “Political Power” launching in July is set to turn the spotlight on politicians like Colin Powell, Barack Obama, and Al Gore.

Bluewater’s biography titles have drawn considerable media attention, including features on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” It has also been featured in such periodicals as People Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today and thousands of blogs and other media outlets.

To find a comic book store near you, go to the comic shop locator, “Female Force” books are also available on, where they have been ranked among the site’s top 300 books.

No, I’m Not Making This Up

Coming in September from those crazy cats at Bluewater Productions are the following two items. Can’t say I blame them. They’ve had huge success with their Female Force and Political Power one-shots, and some impressive mainstream coverage too.












OPRAHThe Bo Obama issue is described thusly:

You wouldn’t believe how much trouble one little pooch could be, but when that pup is the First Dog of the United States, there’s no telling what he might get into. Join Bo as he takes you on an insiders look at the White House where you’ll soon discover who is the real “Top Dog” in Washington.

while Oprah’s foray into comics is described below.

Actress, Producer, Entrepreneur, and talk show queen.  She turned her wounds into wisdom and survived an abusive family to become one of the most powerful and influential people in the world.  See the humble beginnings of Oprah Winfrey.

Obviously someone’s buying these as they keep making them. I guess it’s good for comics in the long run, but I kinda think it’s probably naive collectors snapping them up and boxing them with their cutlery with pictures of the royal family on them.

Bluewater’s Logan’s Run Comic

Logan's Run ComicIt’s a good time to be a fan of classic sci-fi novels. BOOM! Studios are releasing Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (which became Blade Runner) and now Bluewater are turning their attention to another dystopian future that was the basis for a much loved film. Press release below.

Bluewater Productions proudly announces an exciting new partnership with bestselling author William F. Nolan. The Washington based comic book company has contracted to do three titles with Nolan including the iconic “Logan’s Run”. Bluewater’s new franchise will also include another of his timeless novels “Seven For Space”, and an exclusive new title that Nolan will create specifically for the publisher.

William F. Nolan’s masterpiece of dystopian future once again races into the 23rd Century with an all-new comic book adaptation of “Logan’s Run”.  Working in collaboration with William F. Nolan himself, “Logan’s Run: Lastday” re-imagines the classic trilogy and continues forward with all new adventures. The new ongoing series written by Hollywood screenwriter Paul J. Salamoff with art by Daniel Gete is a terrifying look at a world gone mad. When Lastday comes, will you lie down and die…or run!

“I’m excited to be partnered with Bluewater on this latest trek with Logan,” said William Nolan “It has the potential to be a successful new chapter in the Logan saga. Logan lives!”

“Having been a lifelong fan of “Logan’s Run”, it’s a dream come true to not only be asked to re-launch and re-imagine the trilogy of classic books as Graphic Novels, but to collaborate with William F. Nolan himself.” Said writer Paul J. Salamoff.

“Logan’s Run: Lastday” is scheduled for a 2009 release. “Seven For Space” which features Nolan’s futuristic private eye, Sam Space and the new untitled series are scheduled for 2010. 

Chad Helder Interview

At the always delightfully informative Broken Frontier, I interviewed writer Chad Helder. His unusual horror series, Bartholomew of the Scissors is out now in TPB, from Bluewater. The art is by Daniel Crosier and is suitably unique. It features woodburning on pine planks and is creepily effective. Go here for my interview, and cast your peepers on Crosier’s art below. And go here to see Helder’s blog, including a video of Crosier at work.





Isis Oasis

Official press release below regarding one of Bluewater’s most successful titles.

IsisBLUEWATER’S “LEGEND OF ISIS” ONGOING SERIES STARTS IN JUNE. This June Bluewater’s flagship title “Legend of Isis” will launch a new ongoing series. The series will begin just as Isis’ life is getting back to normal when a mysterious package arrives at her doorstep, leading her toward a battle with the gruesome Scarab Queen! The series will also be the launching pad for the upcoming Bluewater series “Tony & Cleo”. The 1st arc of the “Legend of Isis” series will be written by AE Stueve and drawn by Ivan Barriga.

Also coming soon will be the release of the “Legend of Isis” trade paperback featuring the popular and sold out “Dogs of War” storyline. This trade is scheduled to street in April. One of the hottest selling characters of 2002 from IMAGE COMICS comes home to Bluewater Productions. Trapped 5,000 years out of time, the would-be Egyptian Goddess, Isis, must adjust to her new life in 21st century Los Angeles. Using her mystical staff and some help from a few new friends, Isis will protect those around her from evil that may threaten their world. But how can she protect a world that she doesn’t fully understand? “I tried to take a classic approach to Isis, telling pulp style stories that would appeal to anyone who likes comics”, said writer AE Stueve. “Legend of Isis” has also been optioned by Paramount Pictures and will soon be a feature film!

Mike S. Miller Interview

I became familiar with writer Mike S. Miller’s work a couple of years ago through his Deal with the Devil series, as well as The Imaginaries, which is simply a great concept. He’s done work for every major publisher (either as writer or artist) and is most famous for his work on the adaptation of novelist George R.R. Martin’s Hedge Knight series, with writer/artist Ben Avery. He’s a creator that is able to change genres with ease however, and has also written Zondervan’s excellent The Hand of the Morningstar as well as the fantasy, Lullaby. The Imaginaries launched from Image four years ago, before moving to Abacus, Miller’s own publishing company. The series is back, and now with Bluewater Productions. 


imaginariesaFor those that came in late, are you able to tell us a little about the world of The Imaginaries?
The world the Imaginaries inhabit is called ‘the imagined nation’, and it’s where all the loved creations brought to life by the powerful minds and hearts of children around the globe end up when those same children ‘grow up’ and forget about them.  So it’s a harsh reality for those creations, but an incredible world they now inhabit apart from their creators.
Are any of your childhood imaginary friends written in to the series?
Not this story, like most comic book artist types, my imaginary friends were the kind I’d write stories about and create on paper.  Just like Superhero G is to Tanner.  But I have to admit, mine at that age were nowhere near as cool as Superhero G is.  Though I may have to toss some of mine into the background here or there.  🙂
You’ve managed to work with almost every comic publisher out there, so how did you end up choosing Bluewater over all the others?
Darren Davis (Bluewater’s President – Kris) has been a friend for a decade now, we were just chatting on the phone and the issue came up of what I was going to do with Imaginaries.  I was just too busy to self-publish as I had originally planned.  I just thought it would be a great fit, and Darren agreed, so the plan was set into motion.
411cii749nl_ss500_How many books have you worked with Ben Avery on?
Hmm… Let’s see.  Imaginaries, Lullaby, Hedge Knight, Sworn Sword, and the Oz/Wonderland Chronicles.  That have been published anyway.  We have a couple other projects we’ve developed together that haven’t quite gotten off the ground yet.
And how does that history help your creative partnership?
Ben and I work well together.  We respect each others ideas and sense of how things work, as well as a shared world view.  So it seems the more we work together, the better we get at it.  lol.
How did Nikos Koutsis come to arrive on the title and how will he be working with you and Ben?
Nikos sent in a sample package to Alias when I was over there, and I picked him up for Imaginaries right away.  I’d been searching for an artist for the title for… seems like years actually.  Nikos was perfect, and is just about the only guy I could see working on the title right now.  He’s lent his storytelling preferences to our writing, opening up larger scenes and panels for him to stretch his wings and make this an artistic showplace for himself.  It’s great working with him, I hope to do so for years to come!
A lot of the books you’ve written could be considered all-ages. Is that your goal in creating comics?
Actually, only about half of them have been all-ages titles.  Imaginaries, Lullaby, and Hand of the Morningstar.  Sixgun Samurai, Devil’s Keeper, and the one that’s been optioned by Lionsgate, Deal with the Devil are all more mature in theme.  Not to say they’re rated ‘R’ or anything, but they aren’t really ‘all ages’ per se.  I’m a diverse creator, and actually trying to keep myself from ever being pigeonholed into one genre. 

imagainaries21Going from A to Z, can you let us know what’s happening with your work at Abacus Comics and Zondervan?
Haha… cute.  Well, with Abacus, I’m trying to find ways to leverage the existing inventory to continue a residual revenue stream.  That means exploring digital comics, as well as shopping the properties in Hollywood.  Like I mentioned, Deal with the Devil has been the first to sell, and I’m hoping more will follow suit.  I’m also developing new properties that I’ll be shopping directly to Hollywood, if any of those get picked up, I’ll develop the comics for them as well.  As for Zondervan, I’m out of the picture there.  In the split with Alias, I let my former partner take the Zondervan contract in total.  And I don’t believe Zondervan is starting any new projects anyhow.  I am currently working on a book for the iPhone with another company, but I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to talk about that publicly.

After all the unforeseen moments that you’ve experienced during your career how do you still maintain a love for this medium?
I guess I’m a geek.  Happy to be, though.  
The Imaginaries #1 is out now, and next month’s issue features a 22 page bonus story based on the classic sci-fi film, Missile to the Moon.
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