Chronicles Of Some Made Review

Chronicles Of Some MadeI have a soft spot for indie comics. At least a third of everything I order from Previews is from relatively small self-publishers.  Two things struck me about this book; the gloomy yet intriguing cover and the fact that it’s from a Xeric Award winner. Published by Passenger Pigeon Publishing, Chronicles is a simple, black and white 96 page one-shot. Writer/artist Felix Tannenbaum clearly has some skills. However, what is also clear is that he’s a far better writer than an artist. Judging by the work onhis web-site, Tannenbaum shows quality with his sketches and paintings. He’s not a bad artist, but just not a superb one when it comes to sequential art. Reading Chronicles made me realise that not every great artist can necessarily translate their talent to storytelling on the printed page. Every eager fanboy clutching pages of superheroes posing who face disinterest at conventions know this.

Chronicles has some good art in on its pages, but most of it is lacking. There’s no real texture and the majority of its pages are filled with blank space. Tannenbaum shows promise though and with further work he could really develop his pencilling abilities. His book has been praised by several reviewers, but few mention the minimalist art, as it is the story itself saves this book. There are two short stories, both of which concern robots. Such things as sub-plots and even character’s names aren’t really vital, but I must admit that the simple tales are rather enchanting. The first one is set in a war torn nation, where 3 robots discover friendship, spare parts and a desire to overcome their destructive programming. The second story, entitled , Why Doesn’t My Robot Love Me? involves the endearing love between a robot and a snowman (or woman). It’s well told, and charming really, and Tennenbaum’s one page explanation of his motivations behind the story will find sympathy in anyone who’s loved, or lost. I look forward to more that Tennenbaum offers in the future, as Chronicles is a sweet, easy to read book, but hopefully he puts as much effort in his visuals as he does with his writing.

The curious can read the whole first chapter of Chronicles, here.


Wednesday Comics

wednesday-comicsJust in case you haven’t heard, DC’s new venture is entitled Wednesday Comics (as new comics come out every Wednesday in the U.S). The concept was launched from the brain of artist and Art Director Mark Chiarello. Every weekly issue is only 16 pages, but will be filled with superb art from some great storytellers, and it will be big art too. Bigger then the average comic size, it will be like a large tabloid, newspaper supplement. It’s a bold direction but it should pay off. There are some great artists in the industry that will take gleeful advantage of this. Below is  a preview of John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo’s Superman story and a Batman tale from the 100 Bullets team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso. Also included in the upcoming 12 part series will be a Metamorpho tale by Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred, Supergirl by Kimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner and Joe Kubert on Sgt. Rock. Creators such as Kurt Busiek, Dave Bullock, Walt Simonson, Ryan Sook, Dave Gibbons and Paul Pope are also involved. Look for the first oversized issue in July. Awesome news.



Teen Titans