Green Lantern: First Flight Trailer

The 5th film in the direct to DVD animated features from DC is Green Lantern: First Flight. It’s released on July 21 and the trailer is below. The costumes seem to replace the original white with black to great effect, and Sinestro, Kilowog and more are included as characters. Looks great. Official site here.

Popgun Preview

The 3rd volume of the much loved comics anthology, Popgun is out now from Image. Yes, now! Anthologies are the in thing now in sequential art, as it’s a pleasant and surprising distraction from superhero epics for fanboys and girls, and a great entry into the world of comics for the uninitiated. Below are a few random preview pages, but you can see a lot more of the massive 472 page (for only $30) tome at the official site. We loved Tara McPherson’s cover so much, we dedicated the back page of the new Extra Sequential #2 to it. Inside you’ll find a lot more unique art from a slew of very talented storytellers.

























Long Live Overlord

Savage Dragon fans are a loyal bunch. It’s no wonder, as creator Erik Larsen has poured his heart into the Finned Fighter’s adventures for almost 2 decades. Now, in the best recent tradition of Marvel, Image Comics offers up a teaser involving a classic foe. Something’s brewing.