Comics Waiting Room

CWR is an on-line magazine all about comics. It’s text-focused, rather than littered with art, but the few topics they cover every issue offer something for everyone. The brand spanking new #31 features a great interview with the creators of Image’s intriguing Olympus series, a peek at Marvel’s mistreatment of female readers (and characters), an honest look at Y: The Last Man and much more. The writing quality is varied, but most of the team do a good job offering up concise and interesting views on comics and the world around them. There’s an even mix of articles for fanboys/girls and newbies too, and that’s always a good thing.


And There You Are Review

atya-coverWriter/artist Ronnie del Carmen has had an impressive career, working on storyboards, designs and as a story consultant from Batman: The Animated Series to WALL-E and the upcoming Up, from Pixar. He’s also self-published a few comics focused on his dream walking character Nina. His latest comic is a 64 pager from AdHouse Books entitled, And There You Are is an engrossing peek at his journals and sketchbooks, all lovingly laid out before us. We featured the book in Extra Sequential #2, and I’ve just reviewed the whole thing over at Broken Frontier. Here’s a peek at what I said….

“Words are few and far between, and I think that’s a wise choice on the artist’s part. Del Carmen chooses to step aside and let his art speak for itself. Occasionally he’ll mention where this pencil sketch, or that water colour piece was done, such as the beach or a café, but there’s a genuine sense that we’re given a glance at his thoughts anyway, simply by seeing his vast array of art displayed before our appreciative eyes. Sketchbooks have a real wrinkled texture about them, complete with hand written notes and curled edges. I studied art a few years ago and it makes me long for those days where a blank piece of paper meant one thing – potential.”

If you like dreamy, inspirational art, pick it up. Read the rest of the review right here.