Andy Hallett Dies

LorneThis is sad. I loved Angel, the Buffy TV series spin off. Sure, David Boranaz isn’t the greatest actor, but Angel was awesome -perhaps even better than Buffy. Not as funny, but it had characters worth caring for  and those lovely cliff hanger endings that creator Joss Whedon (and fanboys) love so much. The singing demon Lorne was one of the show’s highlights and the light to the dark the stories often presented. Sadly, the actor who played Lorne, Andy Hallet has passed away. He died on Sunday, at the age of 33-the same age as me, as a result of his heart disease. His impact on the show was great, and his return to the series in the final episode was a truly effective surprise.

Peek at Ms. Marvel #38


Beneath the Phil Jiminez cover,  you can see a text-free peek at Ms. Marvel #38, on sale on April 29. Marvel’s description of the issue below.

With Carol Danvers no longer Ms. Marvel, who will take up the mantle? Answer: The Dark Avenger formerly known as Moonstone! Writer Brian Reed and artist Rebekah Isaacs team up for an all-new, all-different Ms. Marvel #38! Norman Osborn has appointed the villainous Moonstone to become the world’s new favorite super-heroine–what kind of chaos and mayhem will ensue? This issue also features a Wolverine Art Appreciation variant cover by Paolo Rivera!