Irredeemable #1 Review

Irredeemable #1Wow. Just – wow. I’ve never doubted Mark Waid’s mad skills behind the keyboard. The guy knows how to write good superhero comics, and has done so for years. Anyone who’s read Kingdom Come will agree. Now that he’s the EIC of BOOM! Studios, he appears to be ramping things up, free from the tight editorial reigns that The Big Two can sometimes choke a writer’s potential with.

With the clever marketing campaign stating “Mark Waid Is Evil,” fans were curious. The guy’s not exactly a squeaky clean comics writer. Those days haven’t existed since Batman was dancing on TV. Nor is he Warren Ellis though. However, with this new series, he seems to be exploring the darkness of costumed adventuring to a greater degree than he ever has before. The whole premise of this book is the slow corruption of a good superhero (the first and the best actually) before he begins to hunt down his terrified team-mates. Peter Krause’s art is suitably realistic and vicious and the terror is palpable. Waid – you’ve done it again.

To say more than that would be to ruin the wonderful slam dunk that this debut issue is. Anyone who’s read superhero comics for any length of time needs to read this. It’s a quick read (with an afterword by Grant Morrison and a preview of The Unknown), and not many details are offered, save that The Plutonian has now turned and his fellow spandex wearers are helpless. Imagine if Superman had enough of the human race. If all our stupidity and constant bickering and evil just made the most powerful creature on earth snap. And there was nothing we could do about it. That is Irreedemable, and it’s great stuff.

DC Gets A Blog

And it’s about time. Marvel has always been the cooler company of The Big Two, while DC has done little to curb its closed off gentlemanly vibe. However, DC were the first to embrace the digital comics revolution, with Zuda, and Marvel soon followed with their slyly named Digital Comics Unlimited. However, Marvel’s E-I-C, Joe Quesada is always on TV chats shows, and on-line chatting Marvel up, especially with his informative weekly blog on MySpace Comic Books.

This is greta, but somewhat frustrating when compared with DC’s lack of chat. I’ve always had a love affair with DC. I’m a comic book nerd today because of them. Superman: The Movie, The Super Friends cartoon, The Killing Joke, The Death of Superman, Kingdom Come – all these and more were the watershed moments for me as a reader. They continued to reveal to me the awesomeness that comics can contain. However as a company, DC has always been tight-lipped about its plans compared to Marvel, and their relationship with the mainstream press can be awkward at the best of times. Things are finally looking up though. ¬†Finally DC has realised that it’s time to play catch-up and be pro-active. Their PR guy, Alex Sequra is now running their brand new blog. That’s great news. Hopefully it’s the first step towards new movements the company will be making to be embraced by, and embrace, the press and fans. You can see their blog right here¬†and to give you a hint of what’s been happening lately, you can see pics of Ravager (the new co-feature in Teen Titans) and Ed Benes’ triptych cover to the upcoming Blackest Night: Tales of the Corp 3 ish mini-series. Your daily dose of DC is now here.