Two Sons

We haven’t seen any Marvel teaser images for a while, so here’s a couple  for you. Following the success of World War Hulk and Planet Hulk, Bruce Banner’s boy is all grown up and looking to follow in the footsteps of his father by wreaking havoc. The Planet Skaar Prologue hits shelves on May 15 and is written by Greg Pak with art by Dan Panosian. The other image is related to a mysterious new storyline running through upcoming issues of Amazing Spider-Man, beginning in May 27’s #595. It’s written by Joe Kelly and pencilled by Phil Jiminez. Part 2 in ASM #596 is drawn by Paulo Siquera, while  ASM #597’s Part 3’s art chores are handled by Marco Chechetto. Using my deductive reasoning, it appears that this story arc will focus on the original Green Gobiln, Norman Osborn in his new power play, post-Secret Invasion. Apparently he gets a new costume and starts to look more like a superhero. It’s about time he got rid of the Star Spangled Iron Man outfit.