Hexed #4 Review

Hexed #4This has been an excellent series with every issue. It’s been tightly scripted with a genuine momentum, and especially when compared to the disappointing finale of The Remnant, this is a truly satisfying conclusion to a great adventure.

By keeping the number of characters to a minimum, namely teenage magician/thief Luci, her friend Val, bad guy (and Luci’s former boss) Dietrich and badder girl Madame Cymbaline, writer Michael Alan Nelson has been free of confusing sub-plots and unnecessary diversions. Along with artist Emma Rios, he has crafted a dark supernatural tale of friendship, thievery, secrets and power lust. This final issue brings Luci’s desire for the death-dealing item, the carasinth, Dietrich’s machinations and Luci’s relationship to Madame Cymbaline all to a tidy conclusion. Luci shows she’s more wily than she’s given credit for and Val learns the pain of being a bargaining chip at gunpoint.

I’ve praised Hexed ever since it began. Fans of Buffy must grab this, and when the Trade comes out, I hope they, and others do so. The art by Rios is bold and fluid and with Cris Peter’s colour choices, violence and blood letting have never looked so strangely appealing.

Hexed could definitely carry the weight of an ongoing series, and this is a great primer. Writers who want to know how to craft an intelligent and entertaining introduction to a new universe should take notes. The mini-series format is an artform in itself. Hexed is one of the new breed that would easily fit in the done-in-one format of a Trade, without the sometimes unnecessary recaps in every issue. It barrels along and is a perfectly captured realization of a taut tale that can be read by anyone without getting bogged down in stray details. Telling an engrossing story these days while keeping things simple at the same time, is an honourable feat. Nelson and Rios have done it with Hexed.

Go here for a preview.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

tauntaun-sleepingbagThe website ThinkGeek.com put this product up, along with a few others, as an April Fool’s Day joke. However, due to overwhelming demand it may just become a reality. It really is hilarious and would be perfect for the young Luke in any family. Head on over to ThinkGeek to see what’s what, and also to check out the other hilarious imaginary products, dating back to 2001, including squeezable bacon, USB pet rock, glow in the dark beer, a printer/shredder and laser cannons for piranhas. Here’s the skinny for the tauntaun sleeping bag…

Tauntaun, complete with saddle, internal intestines and glowing lightsaber zipper pull. Now when your kids tell you their favorite Star Wars movie is “Attack of the Clones” you can nestle the wee-ones snug in simulated Tauntaun fur while regaling them with the amazing tale of “Empire Strikes Back”.

Use the glowing lightsaber zipper pull on the Tauntaun sleeping bag to illustrate how Han Solo saved Luke Skywalker from certain death in the freezing climate of Hoth by slitting open the belly of a dead Tauntaun and placing Luke inside the stinking (but warm) carcass. If your kids don’t change their tune on which Star Wars film is the greatest ever, you can do your best Jar Jar impression until they repent.

Watchmen Lecture

watchmenThe nice guys at Quality Comics in Perth are hosting speaker Jeffery Smith as he throws out some insights into the glory that is Watchmen. If you’re curious after seeing the film, or want to know what all the fuss is about, head down to Quality on 872 Hay St, Perth on Monday April 13 at 5pm (yes, it’s a public holiday, but they’re allowed to be open-so there!) The official lowdown is below.

Fresh off the back of an Australian tour supporting aussie musician Darren Hanlon, anti-folk stalwart Jefferey Smith shows off his talents as an acclaimed Graphic Novel scholar by presenting a free Watchmen lecture at Quality Comics on the April 13.

If you’ve read the book and seen the film, but are still craving more of Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen, join Jefferey as he examines the alternate history of Watchmen.

Jefferey will be bringing his lecture to only five locations in Australia, not the least of those being Quality Comics, Perth’s oldest and most comprehensive comic book store. 

Starting at 5pm on the 13th April 2009 you can join Keith and the guys of Quality Comics as Jefferey shares what seperates the book from other lesser graphic fiction.

For more information please contact Quality Comics on (08) 93212168 or by email at shop@qualitycomics.com.au

Happy Easter

I’ve been writing for Christian e-zine, Sight for about  a year now. They have a cool wordle all about Jesus, made up of the most popular words that people use in describing him. Seeing as it’s Easter, here’s a peek at what people are saying lately.


Staying with the theme, here’s a great Easter comic from DC back in the day, by artist Alex Toth. Entitled, Dirty Job it’s only 4 pages long and is definitely worth a read. May your public holiday be about more than getting a sugar high and dreaming of rabbits.

Free Full Metal Alchemist Episodes

In what could be considered a nice Easter present, here’s some free anime for you. Press release below from Madman.

In an Australian first, Madman is presenting free online episodes of the hit new Japanese anime series, less than a week after its premiere broadcast in Japan, and months prior to any DVD release.
Full Metal Alchemist
FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD, along with a selection of other regularly updated anime episodes are available to watch for free at http://www.madman.com.au via Madman’s enhanced new “Screening Room +” area of the site. New episodes will be made available on a weekly basis.

Madman.com.au is the premiere destination for Australian anime fans, offering a massive catalogue of anime and manga, along with social features such as discussion boards, galleries, events, downloads and more. Madman is thrilled to offer its fans the opportunity to view full episodes on the site in a bold new direction for the company. 

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD is a brand-new production from Japan which closely follows the original FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST manga series storyline. The series chronicles brothers Edward and Alhponse Elric and their epic quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, the only thing that can help them undo a terrible alchemic error, which tore their bodies apart.

Also… Check out more great episodes available to watch on www.madman.com.au including SCHOOL RUMBLEDEVIL MAY CRYBLACK BLOOD BROTHERS and DARKER THAN BLACK.