Stuart Immonen’s Centifolia

Love that name, and the cover too. Artist Stuart Immonen has done a bunch of comics over the years, including the awesome Nextwave (find out why it’s awesome right here) and now, thanks to the fine folks at AdHouse Books we can peek at his sketchbook. AdHouse have also published a similarly drool inducing approach with their James Jean sketchbooks. Below is a preview of Centifolia Volume II, which recently launched at the Toronto Comics Art Festival. Both volumes will be available for purchase this month.

Centifolia V2 marks Stuart Immonen’s return to his eclectic collection of work! Continuing where V1 left off, we find even more sketches, concept designs, illustrations and comics. Best known for his mainstream superhero work, Stuart is a multi-faceted creator and this publication proves it. Again, 32 of the 128 pages are full color, and Stuart’s attention to detail shows through in the publication’s design.

But wait! There’s more! AdHouse Books will also be bringing Centifolia V1 back in print! To help celebrate these two beautiful publications, there will even be a limited (100) slipcase edition created that includes a special S&N print and custom slipcase design.

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