Eye Witness Collected Edition

Writer/artist Robert Luedke’s excellent Eye Witness series is now available as a complete collection, from next month. That’s good news. Official details below.

This November, just in time for the holiday shopping season, Head Press Publishing will release a limited edition slipcase collection of the award-winning Eye Witness graphic novel series.  This will offer many fans of Christian fiction their first exposure to all four books in this highly acclaimed indy graphic novel series, since publicity surrounding it has grown with each subsequent release and many fans came on board a few years after the 2004 premier of the first book in the series.

In an literary format that has largely been overlooked in the Christian marketplace, Luedke’s time-hopping Biblical based action-adventure story truly stands out from the crowd!  Through years of research, Luedke, has effectively (in a fictional sense) filled in the gaps in the Biblical narrative from the Passion week through the Book of Acts and combined it with a compelling and nail biting modern day action-thriller.  “The storyline combines elements of Indiana Jones, a gripping New Testament story, time travel, espionage and dramatic scenes that rank among the best in American comic artistry,” stated Journalist, David Crumm, on his Readthespirit.com, website.
Luedke made the commitment to begin the Eye Witness series in 2002, as a way to share the spiritual, historical and dramatic nature of the Gospels, in a way that would draw the attention of teens and young adults…especially those who may have never read a Bible or attended church, but loved reading comics and graphic novels.  “I intentionally designed Eye Witness’ unique mixture of Biblical adaptation and modern day thriller to make the story of the New Testament exciting, attractive and fun for today’s readers, “states Luedke.  “My goal was treat the Book of Acts like Cecil B. DeMille treated the book of Exodus in his Ten Commandments film…by adding characterization, dramatization and connecting the dots for those not familiar with the original narrative.”
The series has generated coverage by major media from coast to coast and the praise of many religious leaders as well as comic veterans alike.  According to Paige Patterson (President Southwest Baptist Seminary), “I do not believe I have ever seen anything like it. This is a great way to present the Gospel.”
Eye Witness (Book Three): Rise of the Apostle (which was released in August 2008) was awarded a gold medal in the category of graphic novels at the 2009 National Best Book Awards, sponsored annually by USABooknews.com and was named a finalist in the FOREWORD Magazine book of the year awards.
Eye Witness (Book Two): Acts of the Spirit (released, August 2006) was honored as the best comic/graphic novel at the 2007 Hollywood Book Festival.  The book also took a silver medal at the 2007 Independent Publisher Magazine Awards, as well as being named a finalist in the FOREWORD Magazine book of the year awards.The Eye Witness slipcase collection will be available through book and comic stores nationwide the week of November 15th (as well as most major retailer’s online stores).  There will be a limited edition of 200 sets signed and numbered by Luedke and only be available at his personal appearances and through the Head Press website.  For more information, visit: www.HeadPress.info

Unknown God

The fourth and final book from writer/artist Robert Luedke’s biblical adaptations is now available. His Eye Witness series has received some impressive mainstream exposure, and awards, and it’s awesome to see something that’s only biblically accurate but also entertaining. You can see more of Unknown God right here.

Here’s the official description:

Just when it appeared forensic Archeologist, Dr. Terry Harper, had safely made it back to U.S. soil, he’s assassinated by a sniper’s bullet. Meanwhile, back in the first century, the Apostle Paul has been stoned to death in the village of Lystra. It appears the tale of the eyewitness has finally come to an end…if not for the power and mystery of The Unknown God.

In this fourth and final book of the Award-Winning Eye Witness graphic novel series, Harper’s allies make one final attempt to reveal to the world the existence of the Gospel of Joseph of Arimathea, while Harper himself become an unwitting witness to the first century trial of the Apostle Paul by the Roman Senate.

Unknown God takes the reader through a full color, fully illustrated roller-coaster ride that features the intertwining of a modern day action-thriller with an unprecedented adaptation of the Book of Acts. In this final volume of the Eye Witness series, both Dr. Harper and the reader will finally learn the reason why he’s been chosen to become a modern day eyewitness to events that occurred 2,000 years in the past.

Eye Witness On iPhone

Robert Luedke is a Christian artist who is making some serious strides into the mainstream with his Eye Witness graphic novels. Now he’s on the iPhone. Press release below.

On Friday October 29th, Comixology just released the Revised edition of first book in the Eye Witness series A FICTIONAL TALE OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH for their iphone application.  This is the first location outside of the Head Press Publishing website, where fans of comics and graphic novels can have a chance to purchase and read the revised and remastered edition of the first book in the award winning series.

75ACTSofSpirit“I’m very excited to have Eye Witness be a part of this new mode of reading and enjoying this type of content,” stated series creator, Robert Luedke. “I’d always been skeptical that people would be comfortable  reading comic or graphic novel style format in a hand held device, but when I got a look at Comixology’s application I was blown away by it’s functionality and immediately gave my blessing to the project.”

Having the revised edition the A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth, be the first offering in this format was a natural fit for HPP, since that edition of the book was only available as an electronic version (PDF) through their website. Comixology has formatted this first book into 3 segments. Each chapter costs 99 cents, so it’s quite a bargain! The plan is to next convert the second book in the series, Acts of the Spirit, to this format also.

Comixology is a wonderful tool for reading comics and GN’s on your iphone which allows to to view by panel, page, go forward, back, zoom in-out and even provides a link to purchase a hard copy from a local retailer. To learn more about how the comixology app works, visit their video tutorial, at:


Since 2007, through it’s comiXology brand, Iconology, Inc. has been working to expose more people to the world of comics, through comiXology.com and related applications. “We are uniquely situated to connect all parts of the comic book industry…consumers, distributors, publishers, creators and even comic book retailers,” stated David Steinberger of Comixology. “IPhone, Blackberry apps and digital comics are all connected through the comiXology platform.”

Luedke created the Eye Witness series, as a way to share the spiritual, historical and dramatic nature of the Bible, in a way that is both attractive and entertaining…especially to teen and young adult readers, who may not attend church or read the Bible, but love reading comics, manga and graphic novels. His unique combination of a Biblical adaptation with a modern day action-thriller has proven successful not only in comic outlets, but also with mainstream and Christian booksellers.

Digital Eye Witness


Here’s a cool press release from Robert Luedke’s Head Press Publishing. I met the creator at Comic-Con last year as he had his Eye Witness books on display. They’ve been getting lots of attention, such as this recent article/interview at the Houston Chronicle. Now, he’s taking his wares to the digital domain.
Beginning on Sunday May 10th, Head Press Publishing went live with their first “digital only” offering…a fully remastered and revised edition of the first book in the award-winning Eye Witness series, A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth.
Eye Witness“This is our first attempt at creating something specifically for digital distribution,” stated series creator, Robert Luedke.  “The original book in the series was very experimental, production wise, and I was dying to go back and remaster the colors and revise certain parts of the narrative while cleaning up the editorial missteps.” 
Initially, the revised edition of Eye Witness Book One will exclusively be available through the Head Press Publishing website, but HPP is currently in negotiations to make it available through other select comic and Christian venues in the future.
“I think this is a very important step in making Eye Witness available to more people, both inside and outside of North America,” according to Luedke.  Eye Witness has had some wonderful reviews by people in other parts of the world, but according the emails we’d received that created frustration for many potential fans because the books just weren’t available to them.  Now virtually anyone with a computer and PDF viewer, can purchase and read the first book at a very reasonable price.
peter-john watching

Luedke created the Eye Witness series, as a way to share the spiritual, historical and dramatic nature of the Bible, in a way that is both attractive and entertaining…especially to teen and young adult readers, who may not attend church or read the Bible, but love reading comics, manga and graphic novels.  His unique combination of a Biblical adaptation with a modern day action-thriller has proven successful not only in comic outlets, but also with mainstream and Christian booksellers.

To date this unique series has won several books awards, including:  The 2008 Best Book Awards, (sponsored by USAbooknews.com);  the 2007Hollywood Book Festival (in the category of comics/graphic novels); and a silver medal at the 2007 Independent Publisher Awards (in the category of Dramatic Graphic Novels).  In addition the series has been a two time finalist in FOREWORD MAGAZINE’S Book of the Year Awards, in 2007 & 2009. 

 The fourth and final book in the Eye Witness tetralogy, (Eye Witness:Unknown God), is currently in production and tentatively scheduled for a summer 2010 release. 

Eye Witness Becomes a Finalist

This is good news for Robert Luedke. The writer/artist’s latest book in the Eye Witness series continues to receive attention. The interesting books present an intriguing combination of modern archaeological adventures while gazing at the beginnings of Christianity. I met Robert at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con and interviewed him here. Well done Robert!


foreword finalist
ForeWord Magazine, just announced that the third book in Robert James Luedke’s, Eye Witness series…Rise of the Apostle….is a finalist in the category of Graphic Novels in their 2008 Book of the Year Awards.

This is the second industry honor to come to Luedke’s, Rise of the Apostle…which has already won The 2008 National Best Book Award (for Graphic Novels), sponsored byUSABookNews.com.
Eye Witness 3

More than 1,400 books were entered in 61 categories for FOREWORD MAGAZINE’S annual book awards. These were narrowed to 668 finalists from 376 publishers. These books represent some of the best work coming from today’s independent press community!
The winners will be determined by a panel of librarians and booksellers, selected from FOREWORD’S readership. Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners, as well as Editor’s Choice Prizes for Fiction and Nonfiction will be announced at a special program at BookExpo America at the Javits Center in New York City on May 29, 2009. The winners of the two Editor’s Choice Prizes will be awarded $1,500 each. The ceremony is open to all BEA attendees.

ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards program was designed to discover distinctive books across a number of genres. The list of finalists is searchable by category, publisher, title, and author.

ForeWord affects the choices of booksellers and librarians across the country who weekly advise millions what to read. Their typical publication reaches an audience of 20,000. Foreword also put the magazine in the hands of agents and editors at larger houses who are looking for leads to bring into their fold from the independent press sector. All told, readership is about 85% librarians, 12% bookstores, 3% publishing professionals…and of course, parents.

Robert Luedke

Robert James Luedke is one of those special individuals that only come around once in a great while…a true groundbreaker!   

Robert Luedke Interview

I met Robert at Comic-Con, where he preached at the CCAS Sunday service and did an inspiring job. My interview with the creator of the Eye Witness series of graphic novels is now up at Sight here. The EW books are unique in that they present a modern adventure tale, while similarly exploring the roots of Christianity through tales from the Bible. Great to look at, powerful and encouraging, they are a great resource for the interested Christian and/or comic book fan, with plenty of political espionage and military conspiracies thrown in for good measure.

The third book, Rise of the Apostle has just been released and looks at the life of that crazy man of God, Paul. It comes in at 96 pages, from Head Press Publishing, and is available for purchase here.

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