Bluewater’s March Goodies

Those crazy cats at Bluewater Productions keep pumping out comics on celebrities, and I can’t blame them. Here’s the latest two new comics for release in March, focused on Bill Clinton and Ellen Degeneres. Sounds like a sit-com just waiting to happen!.

Political Power: Bill Clinton
Author(s): Robert Schnakenberg
Artist(s) David McNeil
Cover Artist(s): cover by Vinnie Tartamella
They call him Bubba, the Big Dog, Slick Willie, and the Man from Hope. Everyone’s got an opinion about Bill Clinton, but how well do we really know him? Take a fresh look at the life and career of America’s 42nd president, from his hardscrabble Arkansas childhood to the days of triumph and turmoil in the Oval Office and beyond.

Female Force: Ellen Degeneres
Author(s): Sandra C. Ruckdeschel
Artist(s) Pedro Ponzo
Cover Artist(s): cover by Viinie Tartamella
Ellen DeGeneres is taking the world by storm!  Emmy’s!  Endless accolades!  It all seems so easy, but Ellen’s journey to get where she is now was not always a smooth one. She’s felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But through it all, she managed to stay true to herself and prove that she is a female force to be reckoned with!

Iron Man 2 Poster

Thanks to some technical difficulties, I’ve been away from the net for 4 days. It’s been strangely liberating, but I’m glad to return to the geek homeworld, and to make up for my absence, here’s the brand new official poster for Iron Man 2, showing Tony Stark in his new armour, standing back to back with buddy Jim Rhodes AKA War Machine. Sweet. For a few more less exciting photos from the film go here.